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  • Oh no I'm glad your teacher is supportive and helpful ugh I know how that all goes. ;__; I'm glad you made it through that. Def try out for Grease, because that would be awesome and you'd have so much fun and apparently drama people have a nice little friend-support group because they have to work so closely with each other so that would be good for you I think. I know my friends who were like full AP/IB had lots of thing to do all the time but take it slow and try not to panic and use your resources, whether they be emotional or academic. And try to set aside time to see friends or just go relax- if you don't wind down or get positive social reinforcement you really get in a tizzy. There was legit a study on it.

    Do all of it! If you want to pursue one thing more, go with that and leave the others as hobbies. Or go for it all. Do what you want. It's going to get much easier tbh.

    Nah nah thank you for being lovely and sweet and thank you for remembering to come back to me every once in a while bc I love you lots and I worry and I always hope you're getting through okay. <33
    No but look at you you're doing so well with it all and being successful and asdf I'm happy for you even though I miss you all the time </3 If you do get a job for a year remember to keep doing like school-type work especially math because you lose that fast and it might be hard to get back in the swing of things. But tbh most people I know who went and took a year off haven't gone back yet (me included) and idk my friends who did well and got scholarships and such are doing really well because college is a lot less stressful than high school environments apparently but do what makes you happy really. <3 You could do p much whatever with those stats.

    I love you and I love seeing your occasional rambles because I don't get enough consistent rambling from you </3
    Not really. All I got was a mousepad and a new mouse.And I bought a new headset with money I got.
    okay <3 just send it over any time cause like im not home much but skype is always up. i think i gave you my number once did you keep it then or do you need it again??

    dfgh no always splurge because if it makes you happy then whatever. are you looking for jobs or still just school things yet?

    did you get pokemon

    and can i have your number or something cause you keep vanishing and i get sad an worry
    Kei :((

    I was in the bus yesterday and realized it's almost the end of September and instantly you popped into my head haha

    but why does all the fic involve tentacle porn i mean rlly
    It goes on sale for 75% fairly often, but with five dollars, you'll only be able to get the base game and none of the character packs :c
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