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an illegible mess.
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  • it's really interesting to me that all evidence of That Time are now gone or wiped away from the crevices of the internet. i know it happened, but the lack of evidence to prove it makes me doubt my own memory. perhaps its what They wanted in the end. i wish i could just go back but maybe it's better this way...
    Pokemon Sword and Shield are the breakthrough hits of this 2019 holiday season! You can choose between one of three unique Starter Pokemon and explore the vast Galar region, and even partake in raid battles against Dynamax Pokemon! It's a definite must-have!
    if i see anymore shit about sword and shield im gonna lose it. feel bad for the people wasting their 60 dollars on a piece of shit game.
    ah alright c: i'm glad you're not offended or anything haha. but yeah, i might do job training if i still don't think school is for me after a year of doing it. (i have to do at least a year because of pellgrant) so.. i dunno. but thank you! i also have mental health issues and it sucks. makes school a lot more stressful especially when you have anxiety :c

    this is a good font btw, i might use it if i can
    hello, i saw on your post in the school thread that you dropped out of college. if you don't mind me asking, why? what was it like? what made you want to drop out and what are you doing now? i'm asking because i'm thinking i might only do a year of college since college isn't really for me.. :/ i dunno. sorry if this is all too invasive. also what font do you use for your profile?
    A little late, but: didn't we know each other somewhere else?
    I read your Dear Anonymous, just wanna tell ya to stay strong. Have a nice day and stay positive too. :)
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