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Arylett Charnoa
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  • Hey, just thought I'd say I had a quick read through some of the concept of Aelita Crystal. There's so much depth to it! I though the elements would be easy to grasp, but nope xD You can tell a lot of work has gone into it.
    I think the just don't care as much. Fortunately, that's something that you don't need to understand. The only thing that matters is that you have fun doing things your way.

    For someone who claims to not be good at video games, you sure managed to beat quite the amount of games, including ones that I have problems with beating them myself. You also don't need to know anything about competitive play in order to switch things up. All you need is some creativity to change some things, even if it's just some minor stuff and I know you're quite the creative person. :P
    Oh yeah, they tend to stand out. Even if, I think there's a perfect color for each car, yellow tends to get the prize most of the time, haha.

    Same here! But, it's not going to be easy. I need to study, do something good with my life first, I'm going nowhere like this.
    I think it's the harshness that intrigues a lot of people who play Nuzlockes. Just the fact, that you could end up losing one of your favorite party members to some stupid luck is what makes it rewarding for them to continue playing that way. The drama that a loss causes makes their Pokemon more valuable and makes beating the game mor rewarding. For me it's just a cheap trick to hack difficulty into the games, though.

    I've actually spend a good amount of time reserching the Pokemon games in terms of design. Knowing how they expect you to play the game, allows you to adjust things a little bit better. I suppose competitive play also helps, since that one is all about strategizing, coming up with a plan that allows you to beat your opponents team without having the options of items and higher levels. Basically, if you find a way to look at the games from a different angle, you get a lot more options. Like, if you're underleveled, you can make use of X items, which is something nobody makes use of, simply because they don't need to. On the other hand, X items are still one time use items, so you need to be careful with using them, especially when you're short on money.
    That's so so sweet!! I like to draw too. I used to be pretty good, but I stopped because I didn't have time, so I just need to practice!

    I like giving crochet gifts. :) Scarves, hats and little amigurumis.
    Ohh I see. Yeah, a total car fanatic. I liked them since I was four years old. Red cars are pretty nice indeed, I don't have a favorite color. But, I really like yellow cars, you can't go wrong with a nice shade of yellow, on a nice car. Of course, not that cab yellow that looks bad, haha.

    Oh, well. I'm used to it, but I just want to leave this place as soon as I can. I'm glad to hear that, by the way. Living in a unsafe area can be pretty stressfull.
    Pokemon alreay has a lot of things that are luck based. Catching Pokemon is luck based, getting critical hits is luck based, missing attacks is luck based, etc. A Nuzlocke is basically a challenge of luck and I don't like it when I get screwed by something that I feel like I can't control. Like your opponent spamming Sand Attack and landing crits left and right. Then there's also the factor that such a challenge has a clear loss definition, which says that you lose when everything faints. I'm more of a person who thinks that a loss should only happen when you admit defeat.

    That's where the EXP Share is useful. In my last X run I used it during two parts of the game: in the early game and somewhere in the midle, when I felt that my team is lagging behind. As soon as I catched back on to my opponents I turned it off again. Main issue with Pokemon is that you have to fine tune the difficulty yourself, which is something that is really hard to do.
    That's so awesome! I'm glad you finished it and that he loved it. :) It's so special to get a handmade gift.
    Ohh, I see. Yeah, it can be tough for a lot of people to learn alone, and be scared of it. I'm just, a huge car fanatic since I have memory, it's kinda, normal for me haha.

    Uhh, I understand you with being scared of leaving alone, I don't like being alone out there much, I just feel unsecure. Maybe I wouldn't be so worried if things were safer around here, but they aren't...
    Yeah, the EXP-Share tends to go a little bit too far if you don't turn it off when it's important. It makes the games a lot more easier. Sometimes I like to forgo any kind of grinding when I play the games. It makes things quite a bit harder, especially when I use Pokemon who aren't as good as others. Trying to beat the game underleveled sure is an experience on its own and just the fact that opponents are more likely to beat you can make pretty interesting scenarios, especially when a Pokemon, that you wouldn not have expected to do so, manages to turn the tide of a battle. It's pretty much my preferred way of challenge, because screw Nuzlockes. Nuzlockes are terrible in my opinion.

    Have you ever had a challenge run and how did it turn out?
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