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  • Poem of the Week is no longer a thing. I did find the old threads for it though!


    The fourth thread was deleted, but there really wasn't anything posted in that one.
    Yeah, and that's partly why I haven't gone anywhere. I don't want to get stuck with a know-it-all and wind up (with my luck) somehow injured by something they did or ripped off. Haha. I'm not really in LA-proper, so I tend to err on the side of caution in re: to going to people because my town's somewhat podunk.
    It's good you respect it. I see a lot of vids where they just kinda "pretend" they know what they're doing or just kinda do basic stuff for less informed listeners.

    What do you think of hypnotherapy or even just hypno sessions meant to relax/make you fall asleep?
    That's still cool. I'll definitely look up some stuff and give it a shot. I'd probably most be interested in that or reiki - over tarot. But maybe I can find a place that does it all. Haha.

    And yeah, Baba is kinda nuts. After he got famous off that video, he's made a ton more and people feel he's lost the authenticity of the sessions cause he caters to YouTube/richer people these days. Sucks.
    I've only seen corny ASMR versions of reiki, but it looks relaxing. You definitely should if it'd interest you! And I've seen that actually! I never heard a name for it though. There's this Indian barber that people go to. He does these...intense(?) sessions like that, his name's Baba. It's similar, but I guess he calls it a head massage. Here's the most popular video he's done and people travel to India just to get this done by him. Kind of amazing.

    I have relatives that believe in paranormal stuff, but not to an extreme degree. Just things like waking up and feeling/seeing a loved one that just died near. I dunno. I've never had an experience like that, but these are the kind of people that wouldn't make stuff up so I can't help but believe they saw or felt it.

    Ever heard of reiki? I'd love to try it just based on videos I've seen. I've never heard of gaiadon heart healing though. What exactly do they do?
    Thanks! :) You mentioned the tarot isn't really mysticism in the sense of psychic readings, but do you believe in psychic readings in the more traditional sense?
    That'd be why I'd get a set, if so. Just for the design of it. I'm not sure I have the...interest, I guess, for actually getting into it though. I think it's cool of course, but I dunno if I could do it or be interested in it as a reader.
    Well if I go to one, I'll tell you how it goes!

    And nice, haha. I'm sure there's some really good ones out there. I also love the designs on a lot of the cards. I'd buy a set if they looked cool enough. :P
    I'm close to LA. I'll look around for sure. Just to see about having it done out of interest.

    Do you usually get good reads on yourself? Or still something that takes more practice and experience?
    Interesting. I really like the ideas behind it, like you said: opening your eyes, making you think, etc. Ironically, the one place around here that did "psychic" readings and tarot cards was shut down a week ago. I watch some of those "Monthly Tarot Readings" on YouTube by all these Southern women, but I obviously know that's just a big generic video and not specific. One member here on the forum did a reading for an RP character I had and, if I recall correctly, he had some card that was about death or injury. My character was being written to die as he did it, which was fairly neat.

    Is that something you're learning casually or to do as a side project/job?
    You mentioned you've studied tarot. What are your thoughts on it? I'm casually intrigued by it and want to get a reading done for curiosity's sake, but I've never met many people that know of it. :)
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