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  • Im pretty good haha! Ive been slowly losing activity myself once again busy time of the year haha. Is there a place you love on the forums?
    Hi Prixy/Bliss
    Idk i just wanted to say hi maybe talk a bit haha. I do see u often in the hacking section although im not there as much as i wish to be i still love hacks haha especially glazed and resolute :3
    Anyways how are you today?
    No I think turning the game off resets chains. ;_; either way I'm done. XDI've already completed the game so so thought 'wynaut play through again with a different team?!' So now I'm doing that. ._. Going for Hall Of Fame #2.... ;3;

    I'm going to start back on the hack tomorrow. Eh tonight's too late anyway lol.
    Heh, good luck with that. :3 Can't wait for when you do it~

    To take a break from hacking, I'm trying to chain for a shiny Eevee in AS and honestly it sucks cause I didn't know walking near a hidden pokemon that wasn't eevee NOT touching it still resets your chain. >.> I had a 28 chain and everything......
    I figured out scripting IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!~

    I should hope there's a thread with a first gym beta by the end of the month, that was my goal~ :3
    Hmmmm I dunno :/
    Well I managed to get the truck removed using that vid. Thanks! :D And Route 49 is starting to be mapped(the one above 29 that connects Blackthorne and New Bark.)

    I also have a problem with boxes showing up in the player's and rival's houses but I accidentally deleted the clock script to fix it so I might have to borrow the clock script from the rival's house. XD As for anything else it's under control. :D After Violet is mapped I'll stop and start scripting...... I've only ever made one script work and that was for the truck. XD
    Pretty good tutorial, I'll have to try it soon. XD Anyway I've gotten New Bark, Route 29, Cherrygrove, and part of Route 30 mapped and fully functioning. :D Now if I can actually get on and finish it. XD The lab and houses (other than elm's) in New Bark are also warp-set. Mostly finished, but for some reason leaving to Route 29 a returning to New Bark glitches the lab, but it returns so normal after entering a building. <.<
    It's fine, I like to hear stuff like this. Though I'd definitely say I'm on the other side of things. (and I know you probably won't get this for a while, but this is my two cents).

    I'd been a fan of Pokemon since the beginning, and I'd enjoyed Pokemon quite a bit- loved it even...until the release of generation 4. I was pretty hyped for DP before they came out, and all the marketing and advertising for it got me really excited, but...I think that was when I first noticed the rehashery. Once I actually got to playing the game, I kept waiting for the "new" to happen, more than in the way of just new Pokemon or Global trading. It was the same with Gen V, really. It felt like they were clinging onto old ideas and just spraying them with a new coat. I do give Gen V credit for putting emphasis on the story and extras, but...say with BW2, it was a grind for me to get to those sections because I honestly wasn't having that much fun.

    But with Gen VI, I didn't really have that problem. When I heard there was going to be a much smaller number of Pokemon added, I was ecstatic, because it meant that they were going to focus their efforts on the gameplay portion (rather than forcing it, like they did with BW, which resulted in...those designs). Honestly, I think XY is the first time in almost 10 years that I've had legitimate fun with a Pokemon game. They were throwing out new ideas, the change of perspective (from 2D to actual 3D) made it feel fresh, and the focus on characters was kept from BW. But all in all, there were a lot of changes and additions. It was basically what I thought Generation IV should have been.

    But I don't really see focus on Multiplayer as intrusive. Certainly not as intrusive as it was in FRLG or, to a much lesser extent, DPP. But Pokemon's always been Multiplayer-centric, they just moved it out of the overworld and onto the touch screen, which makes it both more accessible and easier to ignore (save for the Friend Safari...though I will say that the only times I remember that it exists is when I see it in people's sigs).

    But I will say that that's a big reason that I push for originality in the Hack section. When I look at hacking stories, I realize exactly why there's very little consumer push for change in the series. I mean, I was happy with XY, but I fear that Gen VII onwards will go back to incrementing changes until Gen -insert here-. But I always see stories like "You play as X, an -age under 16- boy/girl living in -X- town. One day, you
    Hope he's right and you'll feel better soon :) (also lmao I bet! Doctors seem to hate giving out medical advice when they aren't at the office lol. Or at least some of them do, others don't mind. Anyways lol)
    Hahaha that's awesome! Also, even though I know why he did it, I still just can't get over him throwing Cadence right there.
    Me 2. I never played gen iv+ and i liked yellow so much. Having a cute little pikachu follow you all around and talk with it
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