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  • Hey Dedenne, happy birthday!! :D We miss you! Have an awesome time! <3

    Aww, I see. :( But yeah for sure, we can definitely talk on Discord! I went ahead and sent you a PM about it. See ya around!! ^_^

    I hope you're doing well these days! :D PokéTrivia misses you... </3
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday
    Happy birthday! I've seen you around on discord plenty of times, as well as on Safari Zone ^-^ I hope you have a good one <3

    Now you can finally evolve into a true Xatu! ;D But really though, I hope your day goes awesome!

    Hey Dedenne, I apologize for such a delay in my response. What have you been up to?
    Wanna be more active to talk MLP with me, my friend? X3;

    Did you see season 8's first two eps yet? :D They were good
    Haha fair enough, your tune might change once you hit senior year though ;) Lol I love mythology but yeah tragedies get a bit dull after a couple

    Thank! I'll be working as a software tester/quality assurance member. Yeah you definitely should! The story is pretty much the same but the post game is better and Mina actually has a trial, so thats pretty cool haha

    Real go-getter eh? Haha plenty of time to decide though!
    Lol thats alright, we're all busy, it happens!

    Thats great to hear! Wish i could say the workload lightens up but then I'd be lying lol

    Thanks! I actually have a job lined up now for this upcoming July in Wisconsin. Nervous but excited for it. The Ultras were pretty solid I thought, much more difficult in my opinion, exploring the ultra wormhole is a lot of fun.

    Oooh that could be fun, I culd never do it but all the power to you if you can! lol
    This is even later than my previous response, but thanks for the compliment. I may edit some stuff since it's heavily dated at this point in time. Your profile is looking pretty nice though.
    LOL no worries!

    Well that's great! College is super fun so I wouldn't stress out, just don't be afraid to ask for school assistance if ya need it.

    Life has been good. I started my senior year of college and I'm searching for jobs post graduation. I also decided to play SM one more time before USUM comes out.

    How bout you?
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