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  • Oh god that sounds so hard!! I hope you're managing ok! And playing lots of animal crossing (with visitors since everyone but me can visit you ;;)
    Yes that makes sense lol, my bad. Are you allowed to go outside at all (aside from to buy food) ??
    Oh no, that is the worst kind of lock in. Idk why but I thought you had roommates? Look after yourself!!
    oh, that's heavy - how many people are you locked in with?. we've basically been told not to go out unless we have to, so spending a lot of time at home as well.
    oh ok! I'll check it out.
    I have also done no time skipping. I think it helps not having heaps of spare time haha - quite relaxing to play day by day!
    Thanks a lot :)
    Currently shuffling between FFIX and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Borrowed the latter from my friend (it's got three save files luckily) and enjoying every bit of it( except a certain boss' voice acting in battle).

    A conference talk? Ha, all the best:D I thought it'd be done last week or something?? Or am I messing things up? Anyway, woo, rock the conference hall, or water/grass it, if you will.
    What a pleasant surprise, hi bobandbill!
    Submitted my projects. The practical exams are done, and I aced them (tbh, they're pretty easy:P) I've got about eighteen days for the board exams, so I'm wrapping up stuff, solving old papers,etc (And playing in my free time, a bit of cricket and JRPGs). How about you? How do you think Oak's going to be in Masters?
    I've been wanting to add you for a while and on nights I'm reminded of it... finally remembered to do it while I was on PC :P
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