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Boss Salamence
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  • Pokémon figures... I haven't collected those in years, aha.

    I do have a few, though from the Unova Era & HGSS era, like a Sneasel that I have on my dresser. Do you collect those Pokémon lego building things? I've been considering it for awhile.
    Hanging in there. How about you? Been watching the original Beyblade here & there and Ygo 5Ds.
    I think that would be pretty darn cool of them to do. I think making some of the fan theories come true would be pretty nice.
    I hate when that happens, it's really discouraging. Though, I haven't written in a long time... lost motivation.
    I need your user number because discord is weird with that.
    So RAEG#(your four digit number id)
    Yeahh, probably not, and I'm not holding out hope for the anime to have that cool of a character again for a while. :/
    Me too, I'm a little disappointed he was only in the anime and Evo movies, and now his role is basically over. D:
    Yes, I agree. In terms of personality, he seemed more thought and more complex than a lot of your typical Pokemon anime characters. I have a hunch that's because he was a movie protag originally, and I'm not sure it was in their original plan to have him in the TV anime too, but I'm glad he was. O: I hope they do that with more characters in the future.
    Hahahah, yessss. ;; He's the reason I picked up XYZ again. He's my favorite character for that series.
    I'd like to see them utilized outside of just being able to battle them. Maybe some type of event to include them more. I feel like they are usually just slapped into the game tbh... especially Cynthia.
    I work too much to work with the Battle Tree. ;;
    Especially today, office day.
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