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Child Amnesiac
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  • Hey yo I meant to reply a while ago but totally forgot to get to it. My bad! Here's the repo, it also has the Crown Tundra mons as well:

    I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot to commit the sprites for Gen 8; I can't be bothered to check it right now since my RR stuff is on a separate laptop that I haven't touched lately. If it's missing them let me know and I'll do an additional push.

    Some things to note are the learnsets, basestats, eggmoves, and abilities.h are significantly altered so make sure you have the vanilla versions of those if you're trying to keep it vanilla in your hack. Cheers, let me know if you need anything!
    that's all the bugs but please fix that Pokemart bug that crashes the game. (like i said you enter and i talked to him to buy something than you exit and your in a endless forest where you can't move) or i can't finish testing. thanks, NOTE: PM me your E-mail so it doesn't clog space like here for instance.
    the mountain terrain to the west of the gym you can walk on all of it, up and down, so obviously a glitched terrain sprite.
    when you talk with the gym guide (or whatever he's called) after the gym battle he say's ''you'll be in the league in no time''. he misspells League.
    The Pokemon Gym leader you meet in MT ember misspells three words, remember, challenge and entrance
    also a personal opinion the Team Delta Grunt looks like he's wearing a bandana like Team Aqua sorta.
    there's a teenie tile right by the bridge past the healing spa (on the side where the rock is)
    the Lass on the path to MT ember misspelled Kanto when she tells you where she's visiting from.
    there's a big glitchy barrier two steps down from the Captain in the Net Centre. n(it's two blocks wide but sometimes it's not there, it's a weird barrier in my opinion).
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