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  • Hey, quick question could you just tell me how to get the fairy tickets for the full hoenn dex emerald thanks.

    For FireRed trainer battles, Pokemon data has a set format EVs 00 Level 00 Pokemon Index Number (Two bytes). It works this way in Emerald, too. However, in Emerald, I believe there is some system that allows you to use Pokemon over FF in index number. In FireRed, when I use them for example with Brock's team, it doesn't read the second byte. So if I want him to send out a Lotad with 252 EVs at level 10 (FC 00 0A 00 27 01) it reads it as FC 00 0A 00 27 00 and he sends out a Jigglypuff instead. How do I overcome this?
    Your thread was approved and moved to the tutorials, tools, and resources section. I think it fits a bit better there.
    Yo, I just saw an old post from you about Run Time Error 380 when editing trades with the MrDS base. Did you ever figure out how to fix it? I'm having the same problem and don't have a backup...
    Hey, I can't open MrDS' patch in Pokemon Game Editor. Obviously ini is the problem. I made some changes, but an error still pops up. Could you help me with that?
    hey can you give me the ini for unnamed trainer editor which is compatible with MrDS's patch? thanks in advanced :)
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