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  • Personally, I would prefer if they copied the link directly from the thread. Although it seems like whoever posted it is at least trying to stay up to date, sometimes I push silent fixes for single bugs that I'd prefer not to get widespread, and these aren't changed in these files. Is there any chance you can share this with whoever posted it there and ask them to use the official patch link, please?
    Oh thanks i need a basic help
    Pokémon Essentials
    Scripting Question Key item multichoice script

    Devil Monster's Avatar

    Devil Monster
    1Today at 6:47 PM
    Hlw everyone i am new to scripting in pokecommunity i need a help in scripting if anyone want to help pls help me its realy important for me if i have done anything wrong then forgive and pls tell me to correct that ....
    Now the issue is ---
    I want to create an item say CROWNPASS
    Now as it is a key item it will show us a usal four options namely use , register , give , quit.
    I want that if i choose use then this will have to show me multiple choices say 5
    1. Charizard
    4. Lucario
    6. Quit

    Now if i select Charizard it will run a code say pb( .....)
    and if i select Greninja it will run another code ......
    and so on
    and if i choose quit it will return to options use ,register , give , quit.Pls explain me about this or if there is any such example present in pokemon essentials 17.
    Thanks for the help in advance .
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