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  • I think it's common sense for them to preserve seeds to regrow food and other goods after wiping out everything.
    Because word placement can change different meanings in a sentence.

    Team Skull was the result of limited resources (trial captains being treated as one, since Guzma wanted to become a trial captain himself), and Team Skull would've never existed if Lysandre executed his plan.
    Then there you have it, the Pokemon world is suffering from limited resources due to overpopulation, and Lysandre had the best and only solution to fixing it.
    True, but then what's the point of Game Freak trying to tackle on real world issues in the Pokemon world if that world is already depicted as a utopia?
    But just like animals, they too could become endangered, just like the overall theme of the Alola Pokémon (Mudbray as the prominent example).
    Of course I see the problem, as did Lysandre, because that would involve killing animals in the progress. Lysandre loved Pokemon, but he knew he had to kill them all if he wanted to wipe out humanity to end greed, war, and suffering, just like what's happening in the real world today, which was why he shed a tear. There's 7 billion of us, and our resources can't feed them all, while other animals are suffering to extinction because of our overpopulation. That is why he's the true hero of Pokemon XY, and you, the player, were the true villain.
    Thought so, I am active on here and SB, but also nintendolife sometimes
    It seems I keep missing you by about 20 minutes. How long are you waiting for me?
    I should be available all day today, so VM/PM me when you want to start our matches.
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