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  • Hey, I have worked with Pokemon Essentials GSC a little bit, and found something weird about the multi-strike moves. The animation frames aren't quite right, is there any way to fix it?
    Hey, I'd like to personally report a bug with Essentials GS that has been bugging the hell out of me... Since the backslash isn't defined in the GS font, it creates a weird little error when I use it, and it puts the undefined symbol on all things after that.

    Here's the thread I posted. I'm wondering if defining a backslash on the font would solve the problem?
    oh that's cool then that you worked and improved what Pia started :D. Yeah job and studies are important so good luck with doing that. I can't wait to see the story that you want to tell.
    Have a great day though. :D
    thanks for liking my post about zeta/omicron lol. Was I right about it being suzerain as creator lol? What's new with you though. :D
    I'm pretty sure I just exited while with the rival because I wanted to heal but the bug resolves eventually through entering and exiting and it would happen also in elevator to bottom of industrial factory. :D Sorry I didn't see this till just now lol. I didn't know you made the UI for your game (GS Essentials). Pia Carrot for mint version is thanking you for your GS essentials if you didn't know :D
    oh okay. I think that's a great feature then. I am going to guess that gyms 5-8 when you do them will just be linear like usual games. I tried the edit and it wasn't working for me so yeah lol.

    Hopefully the new essentials will fix that then if you choose to proceed using it. Maybe ask Maruno if you need to then because I'm sure they would be willing to help. :D
    All right that's ok then. Make the fossil be a decent level considering the massive challenge of the gyms. As well as levels when you do gyms in random order, do their teams change as well like if you start route 9 toward conduct, transfer, rounding, industrial, will lizzie and alex have different teams as well as higher levels because alex having koffing lvl 28-30 and seviper lvl 32 wouldn't be very good team for a 4th gym lol.

    It makes sense that you have to deal with bugs before you can progress on the game but when I was playing, only the rival following, double rivals bugs was the only ones that happened.
    Animations needed lots of work, like they were good but especially boosting stat animations like charge for example were happening in the top left corner of the game then the boosting animation would show properly. I don't know if this is a big or just how animations are right now. Good luck working on these though. :D

    You're welcome and I'm glad I could help so much because I rarely report while playing games lol but I felt I should help you get bigger since it was such a unique concept with unique region, gyms etc. Have a great day.
    ScaredFireNegro or OPsDoesLPs said this is game is decent tbh so I'm thinking he's interested in lping it. We'll just have to see.
    Can you revive the fossil or not though? I'll wait to catch sudowoodo and snorlax next patch or demo. :D
    Yeah I figured that out and reached the end. Will probably just wait now till the next beta, demo or version and thus can't wait and hope it's awesome just like this was. Thanks for letting me play it and report feedback. Anything you want in terms of type of feedback, did you read the potential bugs even though they all cleared themselves through repeated catching by the guards? Have a great night. I ended with marowak, feraligatr, cacnea, staravia, koffing, duskull.
    now I've gotten the flute, beat perez with 2.5 pokemon because I was used to autoheal after battles so I forgot to heal after violet and I thought I was done for when I was left with feraligatr but that poliwhirl was super weak lol. Team when I beat him just now: feraligatr 31, cacnea 25, staravia 27, koffing 24, duskull 25, cubone 26. How much is left in the demo now?
    all right so after 8 h total of playing. I have 4 badges, beaten latest violet just now in the building and that's it other than having my feraligatr now :D
    bug report: the following rival bug resolved once I got caught by the guard multiple times lol.
    new bug: the real rival inside the building has speech but has no sprite showing now. Oh well it's not gamebreaking which is good.
    Bug expansion badly: now I have permanent rival following me everywhere in the city while one went back into the mining plant after I got caught by a guard. LMAO this is really funny and entertaining.
    no I'm with my rival not against them. She has lvl 30-32 and I've just beat the 4 grunts when you enter the building at the end of the underground where the guy comes out doesn't seem to care. He looks like he will be the 8th gym leader based on the badge card. I really dislike grinding though and prefer to push on.

    My team is croconaw 28 (want feraligatr), koffing 24, staravia 26, cacnea 25, cubone 24, duskull 24.

    Bug potentially: when I had lots of money and went into the elevator to go back up to the city, there was 2 rivals following me inside the elevator and I laughed. Just thought I should let you know this. :D

    My god this game is super hard (lvl 34-35 for grunts in the underground and like 5-6 pokemon each while I'm mid 20s in levels now) though but ScaredFireNegro or OdsDoesLPs said this is game is decent tbh so I'm thinking he' interested in lping it. We'll just have to see.
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