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  • Hey daniilS, how is it going?
    I have no one else to ask this, you got a post about weather so maybe you can enlight me.

    It turns that when I try to use Solarbeam when Sunny Day is active, then Solarbeam attacks as a Destinybond and fainted both rival and my pokémon.

    FYI, I have to say that this may have/may not have any relation with your improvement (which I added at some point). Also, I check both attacks on Gen 3 Tools, check all those bytes with HxD with a clean Fire Red, and there's nothing different, so Idk what else could I try, maybe I'm missing something.

    Do you have any idea what could I do?
    Hey man,
    Need ur help with form changing event,
    If u r on discord DM me
    Hey there. I'm using your Poké Ball expansion hack (which is great by the way!) but there's one big issue.
    All the balls work perfectly fine outside the Safari Zone. But inside it, when I throw a ball, the game either freezes or the ball I threw becomes a very odd texture. I've tried many things to try to fix this, but nothing worked.
    Greetings, daniilS. Can you post a routine for Cherrim form change? I will really appreciate it. I know you said it's broken but I just want to test it.
    hello Danills so im trying to insert the deoyxs and rotom code into my rombase and i was wondering how to go about it what i know so far is that i want my index to be 0x5 for the spot and thats bascially it i dont know how to insert the code people keep telling to put the index of the pokemon in var 8005 and for me that would be 0x1019 i try to compile it and it dosent work but when i put absoultley nothing it will compile

    can u please help me with this that would be awesome because im clueless on how to do this
    Hi do you by any chance have the asm code you used for the side stairs in PRPB? If so, would I be able to see it by chance please?
    Good afternoon , I wanted to know if anything could help me with something , I want to know it is if there is some way to speak one with someone in gba ( fire red ) and make that change shape or you check the pokémon and tell you you can accerder her otherwise and if one want to give you money or some item or something so you can change it
    hi danillS! what bytes needs to change if I change female ow to nds style 32x32? its become messy when naming player if selected girl... (To fix it just go to the direction 083A3BC0 and put
    18 instead 10)..its for boy and Gary's ow.what about the girl??
    Hello sir! I'm kinda new to this website, I really liked the hack you've developed (pokemon gaia), my only concern is if you are still working on it? and if save states from beta will work for the upcoming betas or final release? I'm asking because it would be a shame to spend time playing and then your progress will be useless

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Keep up the good work!
    LOL. Yeah I get you, there are times when I'm not bothered, but I start up every now and again. I'm sure you will too eventually :P

    Also I totally lost the movement hack you and Gogo did with stairs, where's that located?
    Okay, thanks for saying! I hope that whatever your desired outcome is will come to you eventually, be it an increase in speed of your hacking or an abrupt halt!
    Hello, I'm just wondering something...
    Why haven't you shared the new form(e)s that you've done?
    Please note that I'm not telling you to, I'm just wondering why.
    if the answer is painstakingly obvious please don't grill me for it
    Ahh. Ok. I will be looking forward into that. And, you may also want my notes on my own implementation. There you go:
    Hi! I'm porting your Pokeball Hack into Emerald. Then, the problem is on Step 2's part on "insert a pointer on 16494... then, in 16460, type 00 00 00 00 0b 4a 97 46." It seems that it doesn't have its equivalent to Emerald so the game freezes when I'm going to throw the ball.
    Yeah, that's what I thought too. But then, it has to have the entire ROM in RAM or it must make a temporary file. Otherwise how else would it revert the written changes?

    I currently don't see it doing any of that. I'm afraid the PKSV's dis-assembly feature is what's causing the bug.
    The hook is what I place in the hijacked routine so it jumps to my hack (sorry, didn't get the hook... =/). And you need the full version of ida indeed, come to the irc (chat link in my signature) and see if Touched is online, he can help.
    You still seem to have some trouble understanding pushing and popping. I don't 'call' any registers by pushing lr, and pushing lr doesn't execute anything; neither does it 'pop information back'.
    The stack is simply a big chunk of free space used for temporarily storing things. If you need to backup the value of a register (so I don't need to push them if I'm not going to backup their values? I can simply use the registers with their original values without pushing and popping?), you can push it to the stack, do whatever you want with it, and pop it afterwards to restore the previous value (how do I know what is its previous value?). When a routine uses a bl to go to another routine, the address it should return to is put in lr. Because I also use a bl inside my routine, I need to save the current return address on the stack. When I'm done, I simply pop the return address onto r3 and bx to it, thus returning to the instruction after the previous bl. If I didn't modify lr, I could've just used bx lr at the end.
    There also is a standard within the game that makes it so that any subroutine that's called from another routine may overwrite r0 to r3. That's why I don't push them. R7 is only checked (damn this routine really used an ugly and hacky way to see if it is a poke and may actually be bugged, I'll need to check in ida later today), not modified, so there's no reason to push it again (Didn't see you push it in the first place. Also, how can you compare its value to something, if you haven't load any address or information or anything in r7?) And something probably made me think back then that r10 would be overwritten after returning to the function that called this one, so it is safe to use too in that case (I do need to confirm this).
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