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  • I tried using the free version of IDA Pro, but couldn't open the idb... =/

    By hook, you mean the "word 0x08offset" things in the end of the routine, right?

    @pushes link register to the stack (a function will happen, and after it's done it will return here)(did you call the other registers too by just calling lr?)
    I looked again in some ASM Tutorials, as I didn't remember what was the link register. From Knizz' tutorial - I think - I got that when you push the link register, it will execute a function, or something like that, and pop the information back to the function that called it; and then, resume the code.
    I didn't get though how could you use r3, r7, r1, etc. without pushing them into the stack...
    Thus, I asked if you called all the registers by just pushing the link register into the stack.
    Check this, bro:

    In this code you must change the values at the ball index and somevar. Then assemble it and insert it anywhere. To activate it, place 00 4B 9F 46 XX XX XX XX at 08040B08, where XXXXXXXX is an inverted pointer to this routine.
    This is the activation part you mentioned, right? I was just confused, 'cause I thought this routine would be called only by the specific ball, but I think it's called after I catch a Pokémon, and then it checks if it was with the Heal Ball, right?
    Something similar to what I've done with kearnseyboy6, so I'm sure I'm understanding every bit of it.
    Can you correct me?
    Spherical Ice said I should ask you about how you fixed the 'three snowflakes' weather in his hack. I was wondering if you could share how you fixed it, it would be helpful. :)
    I sent you a PM. I had issues similar to Z-nogyroP. Could you please help me as you have helped him/her.

    I don't understand this part?

    What are these offsets for?

    then, should Insert this routine

    should I insert it at 080EF52C or the reversed- pointer?
    I saw your thread in the Pokeball hacking guide and saw that in your todo list that you listed a givepokemon script with custom movesets.. I was wondering if you ever finished it?
    Hi have you successfully finished the givepokemon script with custom movesets?
    You should help my design my new assembler :D
    Its working well and it even supports conditional assembly based on the ROM you're targeting. It can watch your files and reassemble them if you change anything too.
    Do you remember this?

    Did Dathatron made the BW2 Repel System port with ASM? If so, what's the process?
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