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  • bro i just wanted to say i saw the update to jhoto and i am using it in my current hack my friend im imressed at your work.

    Meant to post this on my og account my bad

    Forgot to log out lol.
    I see what you mean...

    Honestly have been so busy haven't been able to really hack and when I do I try to work on my hacks base(Pokemon - Anomaly). Progress is going slow but it is going for sure

    As for the Johto-Addon Base I really would like to remake it and fix some of the bugs that I have found overtime working on my hacks base.
    Would kinda also like to make the region more open like Liquid crystal did....
    Also would like to use a better free space area so other patches could be used with out conflict.

    What regions are you mainly looking for and just how many are you trying to put in your hack?

    my discord is DarkPsychic#1792
    Oh yeah, I should've made myself clearer...

    I meant if you had any updates on other regions too. You said you would start to work on those... and I'm very keen to have a base with more regions, just to develop something for my cousins (they're young, and love pokemon - they're the reason why I hack).

    If you wish to talk directly, my Discord is Blaezej#1665
    I really liked your base and I wanted to ask you, if I can carry it in the forum wahackforo.com so that more people know it?
    Support can be an amazing way to boost confidence...
    So I really do thank you for your time and words as they where just what I needed to hear....

    I just need to focus...... and really start to practice instead of just read and read and read...
    That my friend I really think is my problem and you nudged me to realize such...

    Also Red++ is an amazing hack! ^_^ to say the least

    You put work into that hack for sure, and I thank you for your time on that so others like me can enjoy such a hack....
    I will refrain from discouragement from here on out and will focus on moving forward....
    So again Thank you!
    Glad to at least try to help. Also, I will say that when I first started working on Red++, I knew very very little about asm before that. I kinda sorta knew what a few commands did from looking at a list of the commands, and from Miksy91 helping me with a couple of asm hacks for Pokemon Christmas, but I learned pretty quickly by getting in there, looking at the existing code, trying to copy it, messing things up, and trying to experiment until I got it right. And I'm still not as skilled at it as others are, but I think if you are patient and go into it knowing you will mess up at first, you can pick it up too. Just try not to get discouraged.
    Well, there is a lot of stuff you can easily do without having to use asm at all. Edit text, edit graphics, edit evolutions and moves, add new moves, etc etc.

    I think part of why there hasn't been an item editor is that it isn't setup the way later games are. There aren't like... item headers, or something.

    There is an array of names (just a pointer to the start, no pointers to the individual names)
    There is a separate array of pointers to the asm scripts items call when you use them (these scripts determine when you are able to use them, there isn't a separate byte for that like later gens)
    There is a bit field that marks which items are "key items" that can't be sold or tossed.
    There is another table that handles prices for normal items.
    There is yet another table that handles the prices for TMs.
    Also, the names for TMs and HMs are dynamically generated when they are needed for some reason instead of being stored as text.
    There is a table that determines which items open the Pokemon menu when you use them.
    There is another table for items that close the menu.
    Probably a few more that aren't coming to me off the top of my head.

    All together, that's probably why nobody has made a standalone item editor before. The data is all over the place, and you have to use asm to really do anything useful with them anyway, like adding brand new items.

    Also, unlike later gens, there is no separate scripting language for events (that's why there is nothing like XSE or PKSV for RBY), they all just point to text, and ones that need to do something fancier use a text command to load asm.
    The first thing I notice is that both of your if statements are using the same argument. For a level script like this, you'll want to be comparing relative to the current time; turn lights on if it's after 6 but before 18, leave them off otherwise. If my understanding is correct, this script just turns them on if it's 6 AM, turns them off if it's 6 PM, and does nothing at all if the player enters the map at any other time.

    I'm not terribly experienced with OW scripting or real-time clocks though, so I could be misinterpreting this. You might be better off asking someone else for help.
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