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  • Ahh, okay. What were you doing up that late? Just wondering, haha. I'm doing pretty well; have to get to work in a few hours, which sucks, but will get to relax and whatnot afterwards!
    Oh, nope, I didn't draw it myself. I took a picture from a stock site, added graphical effects, and there was my results. =)

    Anyhow, how are ya today?
    I used to love the fangames but haven't played them in years, just too lazy. But when I did play I loved Liquid Crystal and Shiny Gold especially! Too bad Shiny Gold was never finished that I know of. D:

    Oh, Uranium is pretty popular, I think.. I should try that one. c: As for when I became a super mod, it was late January 2014. I became a moderator in August 2012 so.. a long time ago! It's pretty fun being staff but very tiring sometimes, definitely.
    Yeahh I am a crazy poster hehe. xD; As for least favorites I wouldn't say I have any, but I'm hardly ever around the Culture & Media, Game Development, and ROM Hacking boards.. ;w;
    It's okay if you can't get through everyone~ as long as your hearts' in the right place. :3

    Anywho, I'm great! Nice to meet you! How are you?
    Thanks heaps! <3 I'll be rooting for you too. Not sure when I'll post my ballots, we have a whole month left to vote. haha

    Raichu use Thunder is definitely the best one! But I also like the great Pokemon battle. need to post in General Chat more too aagh x__x sometimes I am so lazy.
    Thanks again! My name generally means obedience in Greek. Though, I've chosen it primarily because of aesthetic purposes. xD" My profile picture is two people standing side-by-side, one male and another female. It's something I made years ago while I was bored, haha.
    I already won member of the year last year so I'm totally fine either way. ^_^ But thanks so much, that's so nice of you! And my favorite forum on PC is the welcome section and also Pokemon Trivia.. they're so addicting ahaha. Pokemon Clubs is also very fun! I have two clubs there, but have been very forgetful with posting in them lately.. :C
    Hahaha. Thanks a lot for voting; I really appreciate it. =) Yep, I would count on it; Member of the Year is sort of unpredictable, so I believe anybody's up for winning anything!
    Just wanted to say hello, we haven't talked often but I see you around a lot. ^_^ Hope you're doing well. c:
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