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  • read your post on long term hackers motivation thread and felt like coming out of a shell for a moment

    i actually don't know where i would be if you were to just up and leave from the hacking community...
    to be honest, i maybe sorta kinda joined this community because i saw people like you (i actually specifically remember seeing a post from you that caused sort of a change in mindset ahaha) doing things relatively well with the rom and everything's just exploded since then; so many revolutions in the hacking scene as more people learn assembly and even c applicable to the gba now! i still view you as a role model in the hacking scene and can only hope to achieve a level of skill where i can consider myself equal to you as you are now; all i really have is a memorization of addresses and a general knowledge of assembly to help me!

    tl;dr - it'll be sad to see you go someday~
    Hey, sorry this is a bit of a (super) late reply. I read your comment in the article discussion for the dialogue article that I wrote. After some thinking, I do agree with you. That being said, I don't know if me changing the article would do anything, since it's pretty obsolete at this point. But I do appreciate your criticism and the effort that you put into your posts. Thanks.
    Damn, you pretty much took my posts and gave them steroids. Watch you get called out for hostility though lmao
    Damn, I love reading your posts and how you don't mince your words, always blunt and to the point, no sugarcoating, while not being rude. :D
    the protagonists in b2/w2 were ~15/16
    everyone else was like 10-12 range~~~

    totally lying calem/serena 16, b/w 15/16, red/blue/fire red/leaf green and etc. 11
    Oh well, thanks for replying. :/ I would really like to know. Let's see if I can become more adept in ASM to figure this one out. When I find out I am going to abuse that routine.
    Hey, would you happen to have knowledge on how the pokemon breeding function works? I would like to create a check for Nidorina and Nidoqueen so they're able to produce both Nidoran(Male) and Nidoran(Female) pretty much like an Illumise is able to produce both Illumise and Volbeat. I am kind of lost on this one, starting to learn ASM too. So I am a noob at this.
    I see, it wasn't necessary either since, like you mentioned Fairy type can be added in the game without the need to replace any existing type. I just wanted to get rid of the ??? type and not expand since it is a perfectly usable type that is not used in game except for curse and perhaps for struggle, or so I've heard, even though its type is normal anyway... Well, I tried to replace all 09 09 I could, but then I decided to replace all with 00 00 to see if that was the correct approach to changing the egg's type. The ROM turned buggy, but it was able to run nonetheless and to my surprise the egg type was still ??? or in my case Fairy type since I had replaced it. Haha. I guess it's not by changing some 09 09 somewhere. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Good time.
    Hello and good time, I was searching for a way to change the egg type from ??? to nomral type in emerald. And as I searched I found a forum in research and development of the Rom Hacking section where you were precisely asking yourself the same question I had, you seemed to have started research on it some time ago and I was wondering if you were successful in finding the offset where the egg type is stored. I wasn't able to find tutorials on it so maybe you can help me with that one. It would be appreciated if you can and are willing to.
    Yeah, you bet, I'm always trying to help people who want help!

    As for the spanish community, they're so friendly to each other. Everyone is helping each other out, and I think they were the first ones to really start on hacking in C rather than just ASM. If you consider there's so few of us ASM hackers around, it's literally only me doing C in the community (Touched is no longer hacking). I would like to see more of us hacking at a higher level. They're more ahead I feel, because more of them are hacking at a higher level.

    I'll have something prepared for you guys in the comming week. I'm juggling a few things right now, but I'll make time!
    I'll give your reply to my thread a proper response after I'm back from class, but in response to the question of whether you can get the fossil you didn't choose later:

    You can fossils in the gift shop at Mt. Moon Square now. This is why they aren't listed as Key Items anymore in Red++ while they were in Gen 1.
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