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Depu Techiikue
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  • Hi! I noticed you had been on recently somewhat recently and we used to be friends so I thought I'd reach out. :)
    Are you talking about Join Avenue or Black Tower?

    I didn't actually play through the original BW... but in BW2 for shops that sell stones you unlock them as you beat levels in Black Tower.
    Why do you need them? Just for your national dex? You get access to buy certain stones when you unlock shops in white forest/black city. You can also buy the stones with BP and find them in the hidden grottos.
    Oh, thanks for the heads up! Awesome~ ^~^

    Ummm... I think I have all of the event legendaries. ^_^ But, yeah, I have a celebi~
    Not by myself, but I've acquired one through trading on here. :3

    I seem to have missed all the pokemon events ever... though I've been a fan since the originals. .___.; Except the Keldeo and Meloetta ones.
    MEW!~ sooo cute.

    ...that's my only reason. xD I don't usually use legendaries... it feels cheap to me.

    I like victini too.
    Oh, I never worry about natures when I play through the game. o_O It seems like too much work to keep catching them until you get a good one... and you don't get access to the breeder until later in the game when you've already leveled them a bunch. (and who really wants to deal with breeding when trying to play through the story?)

    I did not play her DLC because I was waiting to beat the game. T_T;;;
    I was assistant manager until I went back to school~ Then I fluctuated between game adviser and third key depending on what store I was at/how many hours I wanted.

    My boyfriend at the time actually leveled my characters a lot for me... LOL. I didn't really understand the concept of grinding levels (or spheres in this case, I guess). I used to play RPGs straight through and then I would get stuck on a battle and I'd stop playing. ;~; Now I'm a super power leveler... to the point that boss battles aren't really even challenging. A bad habit? I guess as long as I'm still having fun it doesn't matter how I play~ FFXIII was super frustrating that it capped how far you could level! I got stuck on one fight for a really long time. ><

    The ending of X kind of went over my head and I needed it explained to me. LOL ...... I just realized I'm making myself sound like a huge bimbo.

    I played a tiny bit of FFIX... I have it downloaded from PSN, I should go back and play it ;~; and VI...... And finish XIII-2... (the time paradox thing kind of threw me... I thought it was a weird addition. BUT LIGHTING AS A VALKYRIE IS SO COOL. SOOOOOO COOL. ...I'm also obsessed with norse stuff, so they like catered to me here...)
    OF COURSE I BEAT IT, are you crazy?!~

    Uhhh... Gamestop as a company is complete crap. They don't treat their employees very well. Third key in my opinion is actually the worst position. You have all the responsibilities of a manager but don't get the full time benefits. Assistant manager is the best~ I liked working there (for the most part) but it's all about the people you work with, not the fact that you're working for "GameStop".

    Mmmmm FFX~ That's actually the first RPG I ever played from start to finish. xD I know I'm a bad gamer. u____u;;; But I loves my PS3 even though it is neglected right now.
    WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT. I love crisis core T____T; Well... I guess I loved that it was Kingdom Hearts battle-ish though kind of dumbed down... It got a little repetitive, but I'm sure a not handheld game in that style would be better~ And Aerith was so adorable. omggggg if I didn't love Lightning so much all my stuff would be Aerith instead. xD (though I liked her more in CC than the original... shh)

    I don't remember if I have them preordered or not. >_>; I worked at GameStop for a long time so I have a lot of stuff preordered just because... it was a mortal sin to not preorder games you intended to buy and I feel bad canceling them.

    I have a PS3, 3DS, a (shared) vita, and my PC of course. Though nothing has been getting love but my 3ds lately... haven't had time for much other than pokeymanz.

    Can I ask what made you look me up? Just curious~
    Ummm...... I don't know. xD It's been so long since it's been announced, I forgot what it was about. :X Is it the one that's supposed to be similar to Dirge of Cerberus? I also try not to get too obsessed with games before they come out otherwise I go crazy waiting for them~ And, well... I try not to get games brand new and wait for a used copy because I'm cheap (re: poor). ;~; (X&Y will be an exception...)
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