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  • while your english is understandable and perfectly fine, you have a few little quirks and it doesn't flow well. your short and to-the-point sentences are notable~

    for example, let's look at your vm:
    "all normal.how u know what my based language not english?"
    it's rather blocky and doesn't flow~
    "that's fine. how did you know that my native language isn't english?"
    this is a little bit modified version which you would hear a native saying in a formal situation, but then a casual native would say
    "you're fine! how'd you know i don't natively speak english?"
    there are a lot of things to remember that don't quite make sense tbh ;-;
    i might be able to get you mine someday soon
    i'd imagine that you would be able to go without or just redownload tho
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