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  • hy m8 so i was experimenting with cha cha's battle engine how can i enable mega evolution. I've been puting item index in the config file but whenever i'm done compiling it and open the test rom in an item editor and nothing appears,there's no key stone.Thanks in advance
    I know from our last contact you turned down an offer but if I get someone on the radar to assist I would be willing to offer you anything to your skill set of talents when the time is right. Also, would you know anyone that could or would be interested in this project, I would really appreciate it if you know anyone that could bring this idea project to fruition.

    As mentioned I would offer your skills in developing from how I've seen your modifications in a few Emerald Rom Hacks,
    I congratulate you for that!

    Please reconsider your last response and think about it as to where your skills could benefit in the long run. The reason why I have reached out to you specifically was actually in support of your contributions to your modified Emerald Rom Hacks!
    How do I check if I compiled Pokémon Emerald correctly? Also, if I did, what hacking tools do I use to edit trainers and sprites and stuff like that because when I tried to use PGE it kept crashing or something couldn't get read.
    Also I forgot to inquire if you know someone that can create sprites for a certain number of Fakemon and canon evolutions.
    Hello there, as of myself I enjoyed your contributions for the hacks you've modified. Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in a big project that could require your skills of your battle engine setup. Do you have any person of suggestion that can make region maps. I will await your swift response! ??????☺??????
    Hey sorry to bother you but I'm having some trouble with some codes used for abilities of gen IV-V in emerald, posted in the ability resource tread. The problem is (I'm speaking about lightning rod and Storm drain) that when I use them in single battle everything's fine but when I try them on a double battle the game let me select the moves but then restarts; even if none of the pokemon in the battle has one of the abilities mentioned before.
    I'm trying not to use a hack already prepared but I'm trying to learn and this thing really stresses me 'cause I don't know what's the problem.
    Sorry for the long message and thanks already (also sorry for my bad English).
    Oh, the pokeruby, pokeemerald, and others? I haven't yet, but maybe I'll check them out sometime.
    It's pretty much the same MIDI I used but with the instruments to the General MIDI counterparts. But if you want the raw MIDI, here it is
    I don't want to post a comment on the Battle Engine since I love how clean that new subforum is.

    Your work is amazing. I think I've got the right time to tune back into ROMHack scene (although that's not the proper way to call it now with the decomps :P )

    Also, nice job for doing your part on the fight against T-Series
    Hey dizzy, in your hacked engine post you said that changing the evs cap so that a pokemon could have 252 evs in every stat is something that could easily be made change-able, is that a feature in the hacked engine already? If not how would i change that cap? (trying to change in theta emerald renev if it makes any difference)
    Hey, I sent you a friend request if you didn't get notified. I also sent you a PM, but in case it didn't send, could you check out my post here please. It should be the last one in the thread. I would like to get that problem solved. Thanks!
    I use you EM battle engine, but when i enter in double battle Steven Mossdeep City event, the backsprite of steven is the same of me, what i need change ? i m using original script with no modification.
    hey dizzy, are you guys still working on the battle engine project? if not, is there any plans or possibility for introduction to the forum separate tuts for implementation of things like the double wild battles? These things are listed as part of the battle engine and I'm sure they are already made so if they could be introduced separately at least, that'd be awesome. I'd be willing to tip if so : ]
    It was enough for you to go crying to the mods to save you from the verbal beatdown you were getting in front of everyone, I emasculated you in front of all of your cronies.
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