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  • Very cotilla, yeah! (?)
    Pues quería poner por aquí algunas cosas, sobre todo el overworld inserter y el FHPE.
    Oh, you don't have to do that. I worked on it even when the thread was closed, I got up to Pinwheel Forest where I planned the end of my Alpha. I'll be releasing that eventually in my signature and not a thread so keep an eye on that :P. Of course a lot of the scripts are different from the actual games (most notably, the Pinwheel Forest script, the route 2 script, the entirety of the dreamyard, and the Wellspring cave thing), so if you're gonna be sticking with the original storyline you might wanna rescript those. :P
    Oh yeah, without a doubt you can use my ideas. Since our tiles would be pretty much the same (wesely fg's houses with kyledove's trees and stuff) the only difference would be our mapping and scripting. I also sprited the 1st and second gym leaders, if you wanted that as well. :P
    Pokemon Bronze is finished. I don't feel it needs to be worked on any more.
    Thanks for the interest though.
    Hey, thanks for posting that tutorial about updating the move categories over on PHO a while back. Today after work I finally got around to adding that update to Pokémon Christmas.
    SO you're good at pokemon scripts and dialogues? and what are ASM? cause i kinda need help with mine ._. im trying to learn some things before i the hack all together
    Because I just logged in.... I have a life you know? I can't always be here. Wait at least a day before contacting a mod.
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