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  • Or better...do you habe an emulator duggestion where i can save without problems?
    Thank you for the Pokedex =)

    hmm Okay how is it possible to save than? =O

    And question... the games seems so dark but if you exit the house or menu.. everything is bright... do you know about this ?
    Uhm... One question XD
    Could you send me the Fakemons sprite?
    I'd like to insert them on my layout (the pokemon I caught) =)
    Hey guys ;D
    The time has come...
    On Thuesday i will start my Adventure...
    As I said I'm playing your Order and Chaos Hack on my channel=)
    I just finished, editing the videoscreen and thumbnail..tomorrow I'll start recording!

    I had the feeling to tell you... after all .. it's your baby ^^

    So wish me luck.

    wait a minute wtf.

    My ROM just corrupted for some reason. 3:

    1. My fave part was probably meeting Master Chief lol.
    2. My ROM Corrupted. When I launch it, everythning goes black and then some colorful colors comes in. RIP My Work. :((
    3. Evil, i always like Team Rocket ROFL.
    4. not my style, sorry ;-;
    5. I do not complete it but man the Fakemons are BEAST.

    Again your hack is one of my fave now!
    Your hack is literally a BEAST! I really loved it! I finished the game because I played it overnight! I must say I love you guys! You guys are awesome!
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