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  • Hey there. Surely this is an appropiate way to ask about it. Don't worry. Screenshots are required because of a couple of reaons. One of them as you mentioned is to prevent spam threads. Secondly is to showcase the changes made. I mean, I can understand a few people don't care about screenshots, but screenshots are the best way to show the changes you made since even most people just don't bother to read all the changes made and prefer to actually see what you did. And lastly is to ensure the game is a real one and is not manipulated (You may find this reason absurd. But this has happened in the past where a project looks nice it it's just only a set of fanarts instead of actual game screenshots)

    I'm sure more than 95% of game devs use computers to develop their fan games so in any conputer it is easy to take screenshots and if your fangame is long enough to be posted in rom hacks studio then the screenshots requirements should be a problem (Unless your romhack is in early develpment. In that case only 6 screenshots are required) And as long as you provide the minimun screenshots to meet the requirements you are not rquired to post screenshots of the entire game or for every change made.
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