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  • I found a koala headband thankfully since other people went as more common animals. I returned the headband to the store lmao.
    Yes the host got a giraffe headband for the birthday boy. I managed to find some animal-theme headbands too at the local store. I really miss being a kid sometimes lol.
    It's a surprise birthday party so he probably won't have anything related, or someone will go out and buy a giraffe shirt for him to wear all night lol. Not sure. I know some folks already picked out an animal, such as a cat, dog, etc so I'll try to find something a little more unique. I am hoping to find some koala ears at the Halloween store or something like that. Koalas are cute!
    Ohh so that's why I can't get a hold of anyone! It's also the weekend so a lot of people take time off on Friday in general. I have a birthday party this weekend for a friend. He's really tall (been called a giraffe before) and the host is making the party animal themed. Now I have to go out and buy a costume or some kind of animal headband lol
    I tried to catch someone in the Australian department, but then they logged off lol. I usually have to catch them in their morning (my evening).
    Well hello there Norris! I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season, and hope you all getting the rest, relaxation and love you deserve today.

    Thank you also for lending me your brilliant technical expertise Clemont I mean Norris, with your guidance I was able to rest assured that these many Kyurem could travel safely to Pokemon Home and spread his wintry wonders to others this Christmas season. Speaking of traveling, since you are a Celebi lover let me send you a seasons greetings with the one and only time traveling Pokemon.

    Oh, there is a technical question that maybe you can help me with. I understand that Pokemon Home applies a tracking ID to Pokemon sent to it, and if you clone a Pokemon that's been placed in Home, the clone will inherit that same ID, and copies stored in Home can be recognized as duplicates, and deleted. How about Pokemon that were cloned before they entered home though? Can copies of previous gen Pokemon go into home safely as of December 2021? I think they should be okay, but wanted to ask your advice as a wise trade master.

    That is so thoughtful of you Norris. Janp cloned my Pokemon for me, so I think I will have all that I need. I still appreciate though that you volunteered to help us even after retiring, you're too good to us. I can't believe that the last message on your profile I left was almost a year ago. How have you been lately? Is work going well? Looking forward to a nice holiday season? All good things your way!
    Hi Norris,

    I hope you are well. We got a request in Dragon Ascent for the shiny gible and charmander you offered for Pokémon Sun and Moon from two of our members. If you could trade me your extras soon then that, would be amazing. I also have a shiny trapnich that another user would like. Can I send it over to you for services? All of these would be trades for the 3ds. I don't remember if I emailed you my friend code or not, but just in case I am 2939-2127-7148. Thanks a bunch!

    Stay safe and warm my friend

    Awesome, thanks so much! I'll definitly use the "Looking to swap" then. And I'll put the german in the title! It'll help shorten it and for longer I can give the examples in the topic. I just got to translate all of the pokémon stuff now.

    So if I'd try to squeeze it all into a title, it'd be something like:
    Evie's foreign Tradeshop [Looking to swap Breedjects & Items, PKMN have "GER" tag]
    Is that too long?
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