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  • Hi, one question if I may. I'm a new user, read through the rules, figured you're the best person to ask. I'm looking to open a tradeshop with the tag of breeding. Now my problem is I'm german and I'm unsure about the official terms the pokemon community uses. So maybe you could help me out with a word real quick?
    Like what I'm planning to trade isn't the average perfect 5IV offspring. I want to make a shop that trades the "leftovers" that you're getting while you breed for perfects or you breed for shinies.
    So like any 4IV pokémon for example, or anything that has HA or a pretty ball, but that's not perfect enough for competetive.
    Howd you call those? In german we say "breeding leftovers" literally, but that feels a bit rude in english? I don't know. I want a short term to put in the title when I work on the shop. "Purchase and Sale of ... X" for example if that's ok grammar. I thought maybe "Excess" is a way to rephrase "leftovers" but then I thought:There must be an official term the trainers use.
    Sorry, this turned longer than it should be. I just don't know how to explain it any shorter.
    i'll probably end up cropping one of the many many many screenshots i've taken of him aha
    thought you'd be interested in knowing that it got leaked that Julia is supposed to be the next legendary hero in FEH
    hey you talked about cloning a shaymin for me, im on now if youre available. do you have it on ORAS or SM?
    Can you close the first thread I created which was LF: Diancie or Arceus FT: Shiny Metagross or Zeraora Codes? If you are the one that closes requested threads. Thanks!
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