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  • Yeah that would be fine for me ngl, but doesn't have to be that hot either. It would ruin the total experience if you catch my drift.

    I am a God Emperor after all :)
    I like warm weather, but inbetween is perfectly ok too for my tastes :'D

    Well I had no fear if it collapsed it collapsed and so be it that's what fate wanted. But it never did so here we are! :)
    Its annoying cold, but I just hate cold in general haha.

    I've built my own snow igloo years ago as a kid, does that count?

    Magic of science indeed.
    Ye, a good but also bad trait to be sure. Probably cause I have nothing else to really care hard about... for now...

    The weakest Brazillian male out there.
    Problem is also I give 0 shits about myself and want to give it my all till I drop down and am no longer able to continue and I have a hard time getting rid of that habit.

    Sometimes it do be like that... especially when its being very understaffed at work :(

    oh no there will be bloodshed
    Who knows that is for me to know and you to figure out :))

    State secrets require exceptional bribes forg, cookies and pizzas dont tempt me to put my life at stake >.>
    Maybe I must become evil too, then I too get a heroic theme!

    I completed Deadlocked a lot as a kid, UYA and GC are my favs though of the series!

    Uhhhhhh depends on the bribe really…
    Online is actually quite nifty, numbers are calculated automatically, you can move around a map as your avatar with dynamic lighting etc. And yeah, my friend group has trouble getting together too - since we last played two of the couples have moved away even ;;

    Omg I love the idea of a white dragonborn rogue and that name is fantastic hahah. I didnt play a dragonborn yet tbh!

    It was as unexpected as the Spanish Inquisition :'D

    The greatest YuGiOh character to ever grace the universe indeed...

    I love it, it is one of the greatest themes for a video game ever.

    Well I did play a lot of R&C games, and a lot of the OST is memorable to me, especially Aranos <3

    Trisbaena is pure elegance... and it's ironic that it is the theme of the antagonist/rival. Rivals always get the better themes :'D

    truly a banger for the ages.

    Well they are all bangers but ofc some have to stick out indeed :D

    Ah yes more bangers to add to the collection!

    yee! mostly online. It's super fun, I'm in circa 3 different adventures (one is a periodic mini campaign that we use new characters for every time) and it's always so much fun, our DMs are really dedicated and involved.

    what classes have you tried? ^^
    no, not even shaggy can beat the high ground it is impossible to beat the high ground

    Well since you asked for it:

    I have the highlands its over!

    I can spam in a bit, going home from work right now soooooo…

    Ah that's pretty cool too, yea I was about to ask aswell given it's been mostly me telling about me, but lets hear you talk about you too! :p
    Dude why arent we friends im personally offended (jk)

    But also i love the name
    Oh my god, *no way* hiiiii!! Its definitely been hot minutes, maybe ages??? Sobbing

    No dont worry I still remember you and im????? Glad u also remember me ahhhhh im pretty dead but good??? No idea tbh im still reeling over 2022- how are you??

    Jxbxskks thats totally valid, unfortunately I nuked my own old account. But! I still remember the cringe. :) i dont remember but do you have discord? Im more active there than on PC anymore sadly
    Me? Melt? Oh you underestimate me Miss forg. :)

    It is a very excellent one indeed, really lovely.

    Hahahahaha that is not the only one tho :D

    Card Games on the Dancefloor, literal discomusic. Truly fitting for The King.

    Theres more but im on mobile so im too lazy to copy and paste links
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