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  • yes! i love all the little easter eggs.

    i liked the witch, but i haven't seen green knight yet. and the party was really fun. it was our third one in three years.
    you dare use my sentences against me Potter?

    onwards indeed!

    very much so... untill chaos happens, then all bets are on.

    Not really it's just some songs that I really do like and then more and more come along as i check out the bands, but then never really do much with it :'D
    The less remains unknown~

    Eh it is what it is, should do smth about it tbh but kinda lazy

    Well yes also making sure everything is as safe as it gets confirming safety is on, no accidents.

    You can blame NFS Most Wanted for that, love to just jam out to it while racing.
    No no i did not know that at all :o

    Sorta I guess, perhaps me being a bit too petty haha.

    Yearly cleanup just to get rid of dust and keeping them nice and proper.
    i like beyond, but i haven't seen all of it. i know the vibes are p different from batman, but it's good. and yes, gravity falls is so good.

    i have seen several a24 movies! i love moonlight, hereditary, minari, the lighthouse, uncut gems and ex machina. my friends and i have an annual cocktail making contest, and i hosted this year. the theme was a24 movies!
    uh oh... well i like the jellyfishes and sharks, they make for a good deck

    I just kinda sat there and just reflecting on things to realize... its been a meh time

    I'd lowkey have given up already before i even hit 30, heck I gave up years ago already D:

    today I cleaned up my whole airsoft collection and well... turns out its a lot
    Sorry I've been sick and unable to check my messages! But yes I love these shows a lot ❤️ magical girls and anything similar is always one of my favorite genres. I watched HeartCatch Precure too but haven't finished Star Twinkle yet since I got distracted. But god I want to finish soo bad.
    i loved the screenplay. it was refreshing seeing an independent film like this really shoot for the stars and then stick the landing. it's def one that makes me cry.

    yes, i love animation. avatar the last airbender was my obsession growing up, as well as adventure time, gravity falls, justice league, batman the animated series, steven universe, etc. i grew up on disney and ghibli as well!
    swapping between jokes and random facts idk what to expect now D:

    just feeling down a little too much from general mehness

    well idk, all i have for a goal really is to get a date, even if that is mission impossible hahaha, everything else idk we'll see what happens
    OH god im terrified of you now you see D:

    I've been... allright I guess... could be way better... could also be worse. Happy NYE to you too! :D
    Hmmmm ok I will pay attention now aswell I'm interested to see what my tendencies are in normal life hahahaha.

    Murican accents are fine, tbf I rarely sit in voice chats with Americans.

    That is for me to know and you to find out!

    i did know that! i can't imagine if that'd have happened. michelle and ke were perfect for their roles.

    django is great. I watched it again recently as well. turning red and inside out were amazing too. do you like animation a lot?
    hahah it's so good right! i could talk about it forever

    yes, i've seen a handful — django, pulp fiction, hateful 8. what's your favorite movie right now?
    Can you check if you got a text from me at "1:26 PM"?

    Some of my messages get stuck on "Queued". Hence, why it seems a thought process isn't finished. (like the thing about the bacon).

    It doesn't happen often. However it did happen with the 1:26 text.
    I have to listen to British people almost every day... it is not fun, especially the posh accents.

    It is very essential to my living plan.

    Oh good suggestion I will use this as blackmail... thank you for this suggestion!
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