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  • I know its horrible timing, but the reason we havent started is because I have air force boot camp for the next two months. I'm not sure if youll still be interrsted upon my return, but I feel I had to tell you
    Awesome! Glad you're back! Got your email so I decided to check back on here. Good to know we can start right away. I'll PM you some details very very soon.

    Oh and if you have Skype, you should add me on there. Name is devinxpsy
    FUJITSU! My mom took my laptop, so I can't send you anything yet.. I'll send the newest patch as soon as she gives it back.
    i got your vm. i see what your trying to say but on advance map, on movement permissions, you change the higher ground to 10 rather than c, then it wont allow you to go on the cave entrances from above.
    Lol,sorry for the late response but I'm working on the next patch which goes back on all the things that haven't had purpose such as the houses and such that you placed. I'm also going back and tidying up scripts and adding things that should have already been in the hack. And lastly what I'm doing should hopefully fix that nasty Pokemon PC glitch.
    alrite,now you make me understand whats the black dot..hahax..
    for the one path,i thouht it be better if i put a few but actually it was not one path,when i aded a second mountain and space constrain,i do it like that,but i have remap it..
    hey,i saw your ratin but don't understand much on map rating..i don't understand the black dot you saying,and where the tile error is..
    for the grass,yeah i believe i put too little of it,but for the playibility,i am very sure most of it is two tiles wide.
    Oi... This is mindfreaking me. I can't figure it out :/ Can I send you my patch so you can do whatever needs to be done with Icicle Cavern?
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