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    Well, now that I actually have a job, I might pick one up. I have a few other things to get still (A phone and possibly a WiiU) but it's on my to-get list. As well as a DS Phat capture card. I want one of those so much because they're cheap.
    I'm kinda jelly lol. I've been considering getting another 3DS just to have it installed.
    You have a capture system installed on yours?
    'Unfortunately no recent phones use WebOS anymore.'
    Some Android phones have a WebOS rom now, kinda rough still sadly.
    Wow, I've been gone for such a long time. And you're one of the only folks who I talked to back in the day who's actually still here. That's dedication!
    Well that sounds about right. That's the same sort of 4-year gap that I tend to stick to. The good thing about the 13" MBP is that they're basically required to keep the price lower. It's funny, though. We're in a point in time where for 90% of uses, the C2D CPUs from older Macs (or any PC for that matter) are fine. So that 2008 MBP would be fine for a non-power-user. On the other hand, the amount of people I've seen trying to keep a 10-year old PC running is astounding.

    We have finite download limits here, so I much prefer to keep content locally than stream it. Audio's quite negligible, but still.
    Ah right. Not that it matters too much to me at this point! It'll be a pretty big jump in resolutions for me - I'm coming from a 2009 13.3" MBP which, while I love its display, has a bit of a lacking 1280 x 800. Still nice and viewable and all but blown to pieces by the rMBP.

    Still undecided about what I want to do with this one now. Not sure if I want it as a backup machine and just something to mess around on when I don't want to risk screwing up the newer one (although I can't see myself doing that) or if I want to sell it. A couple of people have shown interest but eh, still uncertain.
    Oh really? I have pretty sharp eyesight so I guess I could get used to it but I probably won't need to when 1900 x 1200 looks so damn good haha. Have you ever used a high-resolution MBP? How do you think its 1680 x 1050 compared to that on the rMBP?

    Yeah, I probably will do - I've got a list of things to check for in my head before I actually go about sticking all of my stuff on there and such. At the top of that list is the obvious ghosting and the weird screen tint which some people seem to be having. I don't think people have really reported many software bugs aside from the scroll lag anyway.
    I tested an rMBP in an Apple store the other day and definitely did experience Safari's dreaded scroll lag. However, it was really minor and I was being overly critical of it, and if ML really does offer an improvement then it'll be perfect for me.

    Badly worded by me. I don't have the laptop yet, but I will have it this week - however, I plan to try to run it at 2880 x 1800 and see how manageable the UI is. If that's too small then I imagine I'll go with 1900 x 1200, which I played with in the Apple store and really liked.
    Yeah. While it's unlikely that the battery was simply defective, I know Apple wouldn't just let slip 2 whole hours of battery life while keeping it quiet. I'm looking forward to more retina apps, especially iWork! And have you not tried Mountain Lion yet? I'm running it now and really liking it - I thought Lion was pretty smooth tbh but Mountain Lion runs all over it for me.
    Yeah, I do the same as that, although I'll tend to bring my brightness down a little lower - I prefer sitting in shaded places anyway so generally it's dark enough to handle that. Apparently the screen glares less than the glossy ones on old MBPs too so that'll make life easier and all.

    Yeah anything that guns the 650m is gonna eat battery lol - thank God for graphics switching and as you mentioned, gfxcardstatus. As for the better battery life thing in the lower end model, I don't know if I buy that... I believe one review (endgadget? I'm not sure) reported a whole 2 hours of difference which I just don't believe happens when the difference between processors is just 0.3GHz. Seems out of line to me.
    Really? That's interesting - by a really weird sequence of events, I've ended up getting one as an anonymous and super-generous gift, and I've been reading a lot about it. It seems a number of people are reporting battery life under the 7 hours advertised, although to be fair, only people with issues are going to bother reporting anything so I guess that's a somewhat skewed sample. d:
    Oh right, only just noticed that I could do that. Looking good now!

    How are you liking the rMBP?
    I suppose if you don't keep media on there, it's not an issue. I could handle keeping movies and ISOs elsewhere, but music is one of those things I want direct access too. Plus, it gets a little fiddly when iTunes is pointing to stuff that's not always there...

    Good to hear you're enjoying it. I daresay there'll be a 13-Inch variant in 2 years time when I upgrade from my 2010 MBP. In the meantime, I'll get myself a 120GB SSD and Optibay adaptor near the end of the year to give it a bit of a boost.
    I installed the trial and love it so far! But how did you get it to display your CPU usage as a percentage rather than as a graph?
    That screenshot is ridiculously big. Also, if your eyesight is good, there's a hack to allow 1:1 scaling, so you get the full benefit of the extra real-estate. :D

    I'm guessing that 500GB HDD is external? Only have 256GB space would be difficult for me and I hate external drives. :P
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