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  • I realized after getting home that I already have Marowak (found on Route 15). However, I had yet to breed for a Cubone, so it saves me the trouble. LMAO
    I've made that mistake before. Wanted to evolve two Clamperls to their two evolutions, both needing DeepSeaItems (one Tooth, one Scale). Forgot to attach, did trade, clued in on trade and was trying to fire VMs on a dying cell phone about the error. LMAO Got them done in the end, but my 3DS ended up being reset twice.
    Hmm. I just realized Seadra is found on Routes 17-18, but since it appears in rippling water (likely with fishing), I never encountered it. I forgot to consider those Routes when analyzing which Water Pokémon remain to be caught. I have to reassess what I'm missing from those areas!
    Haha...I need both. :D. Will get Latios in SS...will search for Latias in Emerald.
    What now? I am picking three...you can choose one if you want...didn't know we were doing more at first.
    On my way out. Provided the car doesn't break down (which would foil things quickly), I should be online in about 30-35 minutes.
    If you see the prior msg., send a msg. back confirming if you'll be up. I'll send another msg. saying I'm leaving. Half an hour after that, I can be online. Get back ASAP.
    See my PM. Friday 11:30 a.m. for me is Friday 11:30 p.m. for you. Now, it will be Saturday early morning if you want to meet up - this is why I waited here before leaving, as you seemed confused.

    If you can be up around 1 a.m., that'll give me time to get into a coffee shop. 12:30 might even be doable. That's within an hour from this msg. Can you make that?

    I really want that Raichu! :)
    Okie, it seems we had a communication error. I wanted to meet this hour, but from the sounds of it you're not online there, so I won't go buy lunch since it seems I won't find you there. We'll have to better plan a time next time. For future reference, when I am saying - as an example - Tuesday at 11:30, I'm literally saying the same for you - just in p.m. Your last message suggests that you are not meeting Friday, but Saturday...and I'm not available Saturday.

    If I drive myself to the game on Sunday, I can try to sneak by a coffee shop and do the trade around 11:30ish, but if I even do this, I will be on a very tight schedule that day. I am available to trade generally any game day during the week, but I can occasionally show up on a weekend (though rarer). If we wait until the next mid-week game day, I'm looking at Thursday. I'd like to try Sunday however.
    Actually, Wynaut is today. I will be able to have lunch in an hour or so. :) Will you be online if I go?

    Per my last msg, Wynaut will stay at Lv.1. If you have Route 11 open and lead it (with a Lucky Egg) into a battle with an Audino, then quickly switch, you've secured it enough experience to get to Lv.25 immediately.
    Treecko and Bulbasaur stand out the most ATM; I hope to trade for other starters (Totodile, Chikorita) within SS, and I usually start with Fire and have omitted them (in fact, my Cyndaquil has evolved into Quilava already) with plans to breed and import them post-E4 per game.

    In legendary news, I've already decided I have to choose Latias in Hoenn...I have Latios automatically in SS, and unless I get the Action Replay and hack the event item in, I can't go to Southern Island. However, this kind of detail shows my planning. :)

    Let me know if possible whether you'll have either of these (Treecko or Bulbasaur). :)

    I'm thinking about Wynaut leveling. You wanted a Wynaut, so I'm not going to level above 15. The reason is because all moves are learned then, and evolution induced at the same time. I'll leave that to you even though I know what moves you want; I figure you can get the Wynaut for Pokédex purposes first. Remember to buy a Lax Incense if you want to breed the future Wobbuffet. :)
    I can get you a Mandibuzz. What do you have for non-Unova starters? I have a Mudkip acquisition planned as reviewing my VMs would show, but I can certainly give you a Lv.1 Vullaby that knows Roost (Egg move) and Air Slash (due to the father and mother both knowing it, it's normally learned in the 30s), and can make it available for trade at lunchtime. There are two sitting in my box at this very moment, in fact. Interested?

    I'm heading to bed now, but I'll reply to your VM when I get up. It will likely be after 8, though if I'm up early I'll reply then.
    Writing now at about 10:10 p.m. my time; if I am correct, I'm gathering that you are reading this message dated about 10:10 a.m. We need to figure out a Friday hookup time to trade a Wynaut (Bold ♂) for Raichu (any nature, any gender, I don't care as I will Ditto it for breeding :D ). I said I'm looking for around lunchtime here. I stand by that, but that would run our exact lunch hour (assuming noon) into midnight your time if my time zones are right for you. I could easily eat earlier; I don't mind. Would 11:30 p.m. suffice or is that still too late? I don't really want to go to a restaurant at 11 right at the start of their lunch period; also, I have a show that night in the same city so will be in town all day, so the later the trading the better (but not so late that I'm hungry by dinnertime before the show). What time will work for you?

    Granted, dinner will be around 5 p.m. local time, so eating as early as 11 might not hurt.

    If I have the time zones right, our times are identical; just swap a.m. and p.m.
    Awesome! We just need a time to hook up, and for me, lunchtime is best as I can eat while conducting a trade. I have a Bold ♂ Wynaut sitting in my TRADE box right now (Box 24) waiting for its new home. I haven't done any training yet as I haven't played Black yet today (since my mission is to complete Soul Silver and unlock trading to D/P/P - which remain to be played still - I'm spending more time in that lately). Was there anything else that is a Black exclusive (possibly excusing Nature requests to speed things up) that I can get you? I have every land-based Pokémon catchable in Black, so I'm open to requests using anything except the odd missing Water type (I still need Dratini from Dragonspiral, and I have to get the Slowking family out of the Abundant Shrine preferably starting with Slowking to save me using a King's Rock). I can also buy Moon Stones in Black City ATM, so if you need any of them, I'm open to requests and I can attach one.

    ATM, I know of one trade, Wynaut for Raichu. I also have baby Zoruas with three of their level-up moves already learned - which includes Night Daze, not normally learned until Lv.57 at the earliest. If you'd like one of these, I'm curious if there is something else not catchable in Black or White - or failing that, at least a White Forest exclusive, see here - that could be traded for it (I will probably do more breeding and put some up for GTS trading tomorrow after our trade, so if there's anything you want in nature, now's your chance).
    Actually, not at all. They evolve from Buizel at Lv.26, and that was in fact the first Pokémon I caught on Route 11 while sneaking around the Ranger to avoid battle. I just haven't gotten around to evolving it yet.
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