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  • Might suggest you check out Pokemon Eclipse, and see if it's possible to pick up and complete. Really a quality hack.
    Good Morning,

    Would you consider fixing Pokemon Christmas by Mateo. Its almost complete, and a really fun game
    i think he only work on gen 3 hack
    I saw Linkandzelda's post about the future of Pokemon Liquid Crystal, have you seen it too? The point where he says people are free to continue the game made me think of you. I made a request about completing the game a while ago but at the time I didn't know if the game would be officially continued or not. Now we know that it won't be, so my request still stands if you up for it. I even asked LaZ if you can get any information that you might need for completing the game and he is okay with that. Currently I'm cleaning up the walkthrough for Liquid Crystal, I found a few tools that are helping to get that job done. In the meantime maybe you can give some thought to my request and about having a chat with LaZ about LC.
    The game is still stuck at night time, and just to be sure, I tested it on Mgba, and the same issue persists.
    I just tried the latest patch, and the same issue occurs. I am playing shining opal during the day, but it still shows an evening filter.
    Emulator: Myboy
    true. than we could remove the cry from Pika and replace it with the pikachu one and hope that it doesnt crash the game. dont know how much space that would be but would be a step closer and hope repointing the cries could trim it enough.
    Hey HRM, congratulations on finishing up Shining Opal! I downloaded the patch from your blog, and applied it on a Fire Red Squirrels ROM. The game booted up fine, but I have noticed that my game is stuck in night mode and does not change. Is this how it's supposed to be?
    maybe, the person who mentioned it said it takes a few seconds to do but I don't know how to do it. Also don't know if it would have any issues - like how Pika's cry freezes the game although if you don't use the story one and just catch one in the forest it works fine. I know a number of pokemon were added to the hack like the custom pokemon some gym leaders have (like the Voltolb cannon Lt Serg has) also dont know if the orange island pokemon reuse the cries from the regular ones (lke the orange isnand pigey).
    i heard from someone (from benn venn's discord) that red chapters v15 C could be trimmed about 4 bytes at the end of the rom it can work on hardware (physical carts etc) and they said "i have read just somes sound will not work" and they also said "The end of rom , trim = remove". So it could help
    Okay, thanks for that. I'll have to start trying out hacking tools so that I can check for information like evolutions in games which don't have documentation about that. Same thing with wild encounters and Trainer teams.
    Hey, is there a specific program that you use which can show you how or when pokemon evolve in a rom hack? I saw your comment in the Azure thread about checking the evolution lines, so I wondered how you were able to do that.
    So, you're updating unfinished popular ROM hacks? That's amazing!
    I would suggest working on Rijon Adventures, but you probably can't do it for illegal reasons.
    Do you have a list of every ROM hack you've worked on?
    Thank you for that, it's an example of the kind of location guides which I'm looking for. What about Pokemon found on each route (levels, encounter rates, held items etc), did he give you information about that? Because in the walkthrough I only listed Pokemon which I was lucky enough to encounter, there could be Pokemon that I left out.
    No worries, thanks for the response, I've just seen the post on your site about the new update. Funny enough I'm in the middle of polishing up my walkthrough for (Old) White to cover your 2023 update, so it will be some time before I dive back into Azure Horizons. Did Frostbite give you any documentation for the game? Pokemon Location guide? Items, TMs/HMs guide? etc because I could really use that for the walkthrough.
    that's misunderstand able. However when I played through the v15 official version I found it to be buggy in the orange portion. the mini chapter of the nurse joy clones, Near the very end of the game where you fight all of the Porygon illusion trainers ( brown, grey etc). those are the 2 off the top of my head. I also heard that trimming the oversize data can mess with the save data as well.
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