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  • hey I have a female DW slowpoke, if yer still lookin for one. If so, can I please have the female dw stantler mentioned in your sig?
    We have that deal here, too. I wouldn't take advantage of it as I only need Black, but some people would (capping it at 60$+tax for both) - whereas, at EB Games, it'd be 80$+tax all separate!

    The people who work at both Future Shop and EB Games in my city, though, know nothing about video games >_> it's kinda sad.
    EB Games always does 5-15$ more expensive than other stores.

    Everywhere else, even Future Shop, White/Black is 35$.

    Another example is Walmart selling Broken Bond for 20$ brand new, and it's 35$ used at EB Games.

    The income rate shouldn't affect the price of things quite as much as it is, as the average wage hasn't grown nearly as much as the exchange rate over the last 5 years. Also, the compains that deal in purely-digital media, such as Steam and iTunes, only see our money pre-converted on their end, so why are paying 50% more? Because they can make more money by bumping the price when people are used to it?
    It has a lot to do with the way they're sent around. A lot of stock, for some strange reason, is manufactured in Asia, then sent to the US and distributed from there. As a result, you've got at least 2 sets of import tax and then the middleman and shipping charges. That shouldn't be as drastic in Canada, but it's stupid considering that Australia is very close to where much of these products are produced, but it still gets sent back and forward.

    Publishers are also responsible. They set RRPs that retailers have to deal with, which is not only more, but they often set them when the US exchange rate is much higher. We're at parity with the US dollar, occasionally jumping above, yet we see products at the 50% bump they were from 5 years ago. This is why we see different prices on digital media, such as Steam and iTunes.

    Ah well, that's just my rant for the day.

    As for what you were saying, exclusivity is a joke and often misleading. Sadly, there's not a lot you can do. :cer_nod:
    Appreciate the DS game prices that you get. Over here, new games are $70, despite our dollar being worth more.
    The cards are pretty expensive. But for addicts super geeks such as myself, it's a trivial price to pay for the enjoyment that ensues. plus I like the smell of freshly opened cards
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