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  • Just checking up on ya let's chat for a bit. Hope everything is well and good for you too.
    Gen 8 Starters had a lot of character too. You had an athlete, drummer, and a secret agent. For this Gen 9, you have a singer, dancer, and a stage magician. I love both gen's concepts.
    Here's the song I was on about!


    I'd recommend their album as well, all very good stuff.
    That's good nothing happened to your game. I guess it's a rare thing. Meowscarada was my Starter that I picked. The Starters for this gen have a lot of character, don't they?
    I actually don't have anybody that I play with in person very often. However, I do play online often with friends and some family members. The DLC is available for pre-order, but it isn't out yet. If you pre-order, you get a Hisuian Zoroark. However, be mindful that pre-ordering the DLC has caused some people to lose their save data. This is extremely rare though and I am not sure if Nintendo addressed this and patched it, but I am just giving you a heads up.
    Good that you had the chance to capture them both. Since I only have Violet, I had to hop in a friend's raid for Walking Wake. Do you have people that you usually play raids with?
    Good to hear from you. ^_^ I'm doing alright. How about you? As for Pokémon news, I finally finished Violet and I am preparing to compete in the first Official Competition, Paldea Prologue. What about you?
    Well, I still haven't completed the post game. After I finished with the main story, I just went straight to playing competitively. Because of that, I'm a little slow to finish. lol Thus, I'm technically not done. What about you?
    Thank you so much for the friend request. ?????? Strongly appreciate it! How have things been going with you?
    wow I still haven't played that Digimon game w/e it's called but the sweet part was I snagged it for $15 during a promotion of some sort on top of some other goodies as well. Also haven't watched the newer Digimon animes either, of the anime in general in forever. But will always be nostalgic for 1-3 and the movie
    Haha, I can only wish! It's Tyler Joseph, singer of twenty one pilots, a duo I really like listening to.
    I'm not actually! I'm still really on the fence about it and with other games coming out and being of more interest, I'm currently playing those instead. Are you playing it?
    Hey, thank you! I have considered changing it a few times, but I think I love the way it is!
    I did thank you! I visited some family I hadn't seen in several years - since long before the pandemic!

    Also I wish you a very happy New Year Ursula! I hope 2023 is a fantastic year for you! 😊
    It was wonderful to have you there Ursula, you have fantastic taste in music!!!

    Happy holidays btw! 😊
    Nope I don't have Discord.

    Like said I'm already working on a Living Dex =3
    Which is a complete PokeDex, with every mon and every stage of it sitting in my boxes.

    What did your full team end up as? =3
    I went right and first did the Rock Titan, the Fire squad and then the Grass gym. Then I continued north and did the Electric gym, Steel titan and Poison squad/crew.
    After flying back and heading left my mons have been way overleveled, the Bug Gym and Flying titan were a cake walk =P
    The area around the Psychic gym came close in level, and has been the highest level area for me so far, but my kitty had the type advantage and won the badge without problems.

    I was hoping to bump into something that would make me want to use it for the 6th slot, but I think I'm just gonna glance through my boxes soon and look for something based on types.
    I've been catching a lot of mons, working on a Living Dex while exploring, surely I have something =P

    Do you intend to complete the Dex or will you just be completing the main three paths?
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