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  • (months have passed) I have yet to make the thread in trivia due to constant distractions. I'm also hesitant to paste over the exact same thing from forum games. Does not feel very creative on my part.

    I will be away from home for over a week. So maybe the change of scenery will make inspiration strike. I'll link you the thread whenever I make it.

    Gosh time does fly. Realized I VM'ed you in early May.
    That's an absolutely wonderful idea. Thank you. Duplicating it into Trivia had never even crossed my mind. I have a lack of interest in ever putting in a staff application, but I wanted to make a long running thread as my contribution. I hope the renewal does work out. I really enjoyed my little thread. Watching as it went down and being powerless hurt. I quietly reported the posts, but I inevitably knew it would fall when an administrator was sitting in the thread.

    Thanks, that's a relief. I haven't talked with you that much over the years, so I wasn't sure how you received the letter. I tend to get long winded. I appreciate you and I am happy to call you an acquaintance. (no worries about writing back. busy or not it was no obligation).

    Oh, and I appreciate you taking my feedback earlier for Trivia. Regarding the featured threads. It's nice seeing it still being regarded all these months later.
    I did it. I made a successful game. (In Forum Games. Not Trivia). As an active participant in both sections, I had wanted to leave my contribution.

    Well, it lasted a while. It hit 26 pages and got locked. An argument suddenly broke out and it has been shut down. (I admittedly feel a bit hurt, because I didn't do anything nor did I even get involved. However I am essentially taking the punishment).

    But at-least I can return here and say that I did it. Even if it was temporary. I was proud of it.
    Oi great to hear! And haha yeah, thanks for the greeting! Good afternoon from the east coast of the USA! Yep, it's been a hot minute since I've been here, but admittedly I'm glad I decided to return after quite the absence. I see myself being here for quite the long haul, so I guess we'll see what PC has in store. (':

    As the eldest in my family, I can share that sentiment as well. Carrying the mantle and possibly being held at a higher standard since you're the "example" for the younger siblings, you know? But hey, it sure as hell helps you grow up and mature faster and ready to tackle the scary world. To big sisters! Woo! We got this in the bag ~
    Yo yo yo.

    Encanto. That film hit me hard upon watching it, so to see a song being used as an example of what they are going through I can't help but reach out and say that I hope things get better ): I know situations like that are never easy despite how it may look on the outside.

    Also, good morning from the USA east coast!
    It's okay. My computer went into repair across the country. Luckily it was under warranty and required no payment. I did the quiz and got on team Guerreros. I'll look at the events after writing this up. Maybe I should have held off on deleting my discord account because I'm seeing there's some integration? Just not a big social media person. I only keep Facebook around so I can speak with my siblings. That said - I just hit 5 years on Pokecommunity this week. I'm not good at sticking with things, but I'm happy I did so with this community.

    That's understandable. Thank you for sharing. I grew up on a countryside too but I was not homeschooled. My dad passed away in February 2004. I was three years old. As a result, I grew up in a struggling single parent home. I have a good relationship with my mother. There are times (like highschool graduation) in which I wish my dad could be there.

    Strangely, I can't say I relate to feeling envy. Both anger and jealously have been very rare emotions for me. Most negative emotions process into sadness or somber. Personality wise, I'm almost a mirror image of my mother.

    Can't say there was anything certain that changed my self perspective. But I think it's simply getting out of my teenage years. Very easy to feel that way when life revolves around school. Priorities shift, so does perspective.
    No event hosting for me this year. Despite discussing it with you, my computer proceeded to go out for almost this entire month. I'm not upset though. I missed this place and I'm simply happy being back.

    I'm still going to find a game to participate in. It wouldn't hurt getting out of my bubble.
    Was okay at the time of posting this. Now I'm not okay, not anymore.

    Hope you get well and the essay goes well.

    Also I'm sorry to hear that. I really hoped it would have worked out. D:

    But this isn't the end, right? Plenty more opportunities in the future!

    Also thanks for letting me know! Will keep that in mind!

    Lastly, don't take too much stress okay? :D

    I check out threads from that era (and earlier) quite often. Not just from Trivia, but mostly Off-Topic and using the disbanded Deep Discussion link. I didn't post last week :( Hoping to jump back into Trivia very soon. Regardless of when the retirement is, thanks for everything. I only had a short stint with staff here as part of the social media team.

    It sounds intriguing. Since you mention possible changes I think I'll hold off on any decisions. If I were to try one, it would probably be a single day event. I'll probably need to look through more events for ideas, but I do appreciate the link.

    Speaking with new people remains my biggest obstacle. As a young adult, it's getting a bit easier due to repetition. Not gone, but my body no longer starts shaking and tremoring with every social scenario. I've never fit in with social circles either. I recall every attempt to integrate into a group ending awkwardly. That's okay though. In the past I felt like an anomaly, now I am finding self acceptance.

    Sorry for waiting so long to send it. It's always been fun seeing you around, but I try to avoid sending randomly out of nervousness that it might come off as rude. I'm sure it's mostly in my head, so I've been a little more willing.
    I didn't join Pokecommunity until late 2017. Still, I went back a few pages and tried to get an idea for what you meant with the 2015-2016 audience. I noticed lots of weekly games hosted. Seems to have kept the same chill atmosphere over the years. For some reason I assumed Trivia was a relatively new section.

    Not sure what organizing an event entails :( I wouldn't be totally opposed, but I'm not sure if you mean it's pitching ideas or being solely reliant on coming up with events for the section.

    I can understand. Discord is intertwined with the community. I was feeling a little left out recently and as a result tried joining the PC discord server. Didn't go too well. I have social anxiety, and when I saw how large the server was, I mentally froze up. Made one friend out of it (@Aslan). For now I think I'll just hang out on the forums.

    I'll throw you a friend request here. You've been a familiar presence over the years and I don't mind doing so.
    Rental? You're going to the uni? Also that's great! Did you make new friends?

    I'm doing okay-ish, haha. ^^;
    Most ideas I come up with for Trivia are too complex. I've been using the section for a long time now, so I feel like making a successful game would be like 'giving back' in a way. A nice long term contribution. I also don't know if there's still Get Together events or when they happen, but I'll try to participate more next time.

    ...I will hit 10,000 posts soon too. Maybe within the month. It really has been a good time. I shall appreciate this community, forever and always. I have never seen a warmer group of people. Happy that I could leave my shell somewhat over the years and make friends through the VM system.
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