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  • Sorry I haven't replied all day, but I was busy preparing for my sister's birthday. @Hikari10 that's awesome! Though personally I enjoyed Pearl more. It's a little slow, but some of the pokémon from PB are pretty unoriginal. Imo, anyway. But still, fun game. :3 And Rosie, you're annyoing enough in real life, so please don't.
    Suckers, I lied! I'm going to annoy you big time on this site.
    I noticed you share something in common with Cirno (the NU/W mod), she also loves Flaaffy and the Eeveelutions, especially Leafeon.

    My fave Eeveelution is Vaporeon cos I love Water-types. Glaceon a close second cos I like its colors.

    And I see that your avatar is that Flaaffy pic that Cirno has as her profile background.
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