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  • OMG congrats! Amd thanks for saying that, though it's next to impossible for me to be on my own side with what I have done to others and myself. I just can't seem to do that.

    As to what I am upto, life has been hell with no time, random surprise tests for which I get no time to prep for, parents scolding me for scoring low on tests, low self esteem, self hate, and so on lol! Wish I could get closure but that didn't work out, though I feel slightly less troubled due to that, so that's good? Sad because I hurt a good friend because I was in pain and have been apologizing to them with no avail LOL!
    No it's okay, please take care of yourself bestie, and I'm sorry too, for apologizing to you to get me some closure which was very greedy. Heck I paid the price for it again, so I'll be trying to hold my pain within myself from now on. :)

    What are you up to now BTW?

    I am better after last night of just lashing out at myself and a sleep later, which reminds me, sorry about yesterday. 😅
    Oh, got it! See you later then!
    And awkward text is because I'm just like that, you know it lol. :P
    Oh of course, love!! <3 My theme is Historia Reiss from Attack on Titan! And thank you! If you haven't seen AOT, I highly recommend! It's extraordinary!!
    Your flair is perhaps the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! It's absolutely breath-taking!
    Annie this is really amazing; you didn't have to ;w; Thank you so much - this really did cheer me up, thank you, thank you!
    Aw I would love to see you back on staff!!

    Btw, I named my Shinx in BDSP after you and it's fully evolved into Luxray. Hope that's alright n__n
    Happy birthday sheephugger22!

    may all the AoE sheep be free from slaughter from everyone but me :')
    It's bizarre how 8 months have passed since you posed a question "what would you say is the Pokémon that represents you most/is your very favourite"? It seemed inconsequential, but so many months later I still occasionally think on this and never had a true answer.

    When it comes to self representation questions, (like, what's your spirit animal) I find it easy to get stuck. There's always "What we want it to be" and "What we really think represents us". Instead of answering you directly, I avoided the question and stated how I felt I was doing in life instead of saying anything personality wise. I've never known the answer to that. I spent so much time craving to fit into a group, I would blend my personality to appease certain people. At heart I have always been an outsider. Only recently have I learned to accept this. So I was thinking Girafarig. I like it's uniqueness and uncommon dual typing. I also like how it's tail is described as intuitive, something I find relatable. Or maybe Delibird.

    I'm going to depart. Have a happy holiday season.
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