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  • alright i will give you a 5 iv elekid and a 6 iv mudkip both are non shiny but are strong. I would also offer you a free one on the 5 iv list. I would like the shiny riolu and relicanth. what is ur ign and FC?? Mine is in my signature at the shop and ign is jr
    give me a list and just pick. Tell you what i will give you two of my pokemon lol. I'm trying to get rid of some of my pokemon i hatched
    right now anything in my 5 iv section of my shop. Trying to get rid of some pokemon in my PC. I'm looking for 5-6 ivs or shinies
    which ha ones would that be?

    shiny: omanyte, aerodactyl, ledyba, phanpy, weepinbell, vigoroth, shildon and lileep
    well let's just stay with the first trade then. and ship this one for later. i don't have eather
    since i activated the pokemon bank for a year i start to check the pokemon i get traded on that.

    do u know how the games react about cloned pokemon?
    honestly i hate hacked pokemon. i had to leave over 30 on my white because someone traded me hacked legendaries (for legit catched ones, shinies and legendaries). but as far as i know. all pokemon that i have are legit. most likely from my former games. and i could also transfer the traded ones, so it means they are all right. won't make any problems there.
    the only shiny legendary i have is uxie. but i have other normal shinies. if u can wait till i'm home (i'm still in university) i can list them up for u.
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