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  • haha, cool! i'm curious to say the least. is there a particular type of character you usually/like to play as? and nice, although that does mean we're rivals for the competition. i'm representing Hoenn! though admittedly i haven't participated in a lot of events either. i have however been wasting way too much time on Puzzle Bobble thanks to the aforementioned Arcade Showdown, haha. not that i've been remotely close to beating any high scores...
    ah nice, then we're at about the same level haha. if you do want to get better, i suppose you could take a look at the battle server o: i don't visit it much myself at all, but i'm sure it's fun enough, and you can always spectate battles if you don't feel up to playing yourself yet. if you're into Pokémon Showdown at all i suppose xd
    ah, i see c: yeah, it's not like i expected you to be super famous just yet. if there's anything particularly cool you worked on though, i'd love to see haha!
    so, on another note - you came back just in time for the Get-Together! which region did you pick for the occasion?
    yeah, i don't really understand hacks much either x: but i like look around in the forums at least to see if anything amazing is being developed. there are some really impressive ones out there, from what i've seen. and well... i don't really play competitively myself since i'm not a very good battler, but i like watching battle videos and breeding battle-ready Pokémon. but yeah i don't get too much use out of them to be honest :p
    woah, a professional actor? i'm surprised someone like that would be interested in joining a Pokémon forum, haha! but that's very cool. anything you played in that a foreigner like me might know? (:
    It's no problem at all! I just love talking about everything Pokemon too much, really, haha. So when I see someone say they wanna try anything in it, I like to be as helpful as possible. :3

    But really, if you ever need anything else or just wanna chat, lemme know!
    oh, i see c: yeah, i've come and gone a couple times too to be honest, but i think this time i'm here to stay. i hope you'll feel back at home here soon! what exactly do you do that has you travelling so much, if i may ask?
    aah, so you didn't join for ROM Hacking? haha. though at the moment i'm not very active, i frequent the Pokémon Gaming and Roleplay Corner Theatre most too. but yeah, i don't know how long it's been since you came back, but quite a lot has changed recently, so it might take some exploring to get your bearings... still, the community hasn't lost its welcoming atmosphere, so i'm sure you'll get back into the loop in no time.
    the best way to really get it is to just be n00b af about it.
    The Battle Server has a random battle option, which assigns a completely andom team to each player (however they may share a Pokemon, as there is a Pokemon of the day which will appear in every random team under the Random Battle tier), which has Pokemon with popular movesets and items. Random tiers can really help you learn the better roles and moves for each Pokemon. c:
    not stalking i swear

    this may also help for individual break downs of a few Pokemon. new Pokemon analysis every Sunday!
    haha just for coming back? well i have to say you chose wisely then, what with Digimon Tri on the horizon and all. great! can i ask why you left? and well, which parts of the forum did you/will you frequent? o:
    hey! i just saw you pop up in the Leave/Return thread and thought the exact same thing about you haha. welcome back to PC! i don't remember you since i've not been here that long, but with such a cool theme i'm sure you must be awesome c:
    Haha. It is because it isn't a console that appeals to my gaming needs. So, I don't really use it that much.
    Would start going off topic if we started bashing the Wii in the thread! XD

    I haven't touched my Wii in over a year. Coming up to two maybe :/
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