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  • Hi Kalarie i played orange islands over and Over again and i am loving and i'm here to ask you something can you PLEASE make a Rom hack of Pokémon anime in the hoen saga PLEASE,PLEASE
    Hello I'm a big fan of you and your games BTW I have a little request for you.... Can you please make a rom hack of sinnoh league according to Ash's anime story please..... Sinnoh is a wonderful region and I want to play the game as Ash's story according to the anime.... Pokemon diamond and pearl nds version is good but it's not according to the anime ????????????
    I downloaded 5.5 today and restarted playing. Speaking of which, how did you remove the black blinking effect in the title screen?

    Can I use some of the tiles from the tileset 0 for my game then? I will provide credits!
    I just realized that you are the creator of the Orange Islands ROM Hack! I had played beta 3.2 a couple of years ago and it was so amazing!

    Anyways, can I get the source of tileset 0 of the game?
    And also, is it free for public use? Can I use it in my ROM Hack? Or was it custom made/requested for Orange Island alone?
    I read the coversations in ur account of who all u helped?????? well...i read that u had created a rom hack could u give me download link of it.......and what all features it contains.....
    Hello, I'm Kensuyjin33 (Spriter) the reason for my message is because I just found your Hack Orange Islands, which actually seems very well taken care of, I congratulate you very much for that, I have seen that you have used my work and have editalo someone else, I do not have problems with that, I like your project, but you should ask me through a message first, anyway, no problem, nobody is using it, however I can ask you to get accredited and place a link to my gallery, I would really appreciate it.


    On the other hand, the idea of your Hackrom I like, and I would like to help you, unfortunately I do not have time given to my work, but I will be aware of your project, if you need something, do not forget to write me through a message in Deviantart. I hope I can help you with something, I send you a greeting from Peru wishing you could play your finished project. many greetings
    Kalarie bro in Q2
    I edited the palette of OW Sprite of flying (male) with delta's bookmarks but both the male and female share the same palette offset.
    So when I changed one (ie the male's sprite) the other got messed up

    And in Q1. in delta's bookmarks there is only the fish as surf sprite. I think we can change the sprite sitting on it in OW Manager
    Please reply for Q2

    Thanks in Advance :)
    Hi kalarie bro
    Long time to see
    I need a favor from you I have two questions to ask
    Q1. How to replace the surf sprites in Fire red with a new one?
    Q2. In nameless sprite editor 2.0, In Navigate,BPRE,back sprites, boy ,frame1 can we change the palette offsets to any other new palette offsets?
    I tried erasing it but its of no use
    If you know a way to help me please let me know in my visitor message or send me a PM
    Thanks in Advance :)
    You have a point there. I've added to the FAQ and updated the main thread to point to it. But there will still be a fraction of people who won't look at it but oh well.

    I was debating to do this but in the end I chose to just focus on what OWM was designed in the start, to just handle the OWs.
    Nicely illustrated, the bike footprint seems kinda funny for the hero :p . I'll add another field to edit this byte in a later update
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