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  • You could put the evolution routines back by gender since when I evolve into a pokemon it evolves but if I use a pokemon with the evolution routine female it also evolves but in the routine it doesn't evolve I don't know why it's missing please upload the routine that works
    Are you the creator of Pokemon Sinnoh beta legacy ?? Because I need to know how to go underground because starvos prevented me from talking to the Underground Man in Eterna City !! Answer me please.
    hello kearnseyboy6 im trying to do your evolution tutorial but this is the only part i got stuck

    bl decrypt

    decrypt: push {r0-r7}
    mov r1, #0x##
    ldr r2, decryptpoke
    bx r2

    decryptpoke: .word 0x0803FBE9

    what do i put at the two ##

    Oh, I've already sort of started. Currently, I'm working on the damage calculator. If you can log on IRC at the same time that I'm logged on, then I can brief you on the data structures I've made and you can perhaps start my making setup code to appropriately malloc and fill them with the correct data.

    I'm going to post the code to Github as I'm doing it, so it would be neat if you knew how to use that as well.
    kearnsey, can you help with something?
    joexv was helping me, making the evolution routine for a Level + Item evolution method.
    He did, but we could not figure a way to keep the item if you cancel the evolution.
    I tried looking for the stone evolution routine, but no luck.
    Can you help us with this?
    sorry if i have so many question but i really am determined to put new evolutions in my hack xD
    So this is what i did is:
    I inserted the bin into the gba file and then added the little endian offset where the bin was compiled in the gba file.. problem is when i did the male evolutions thing it didnt work ;-;
    In your adding new evolutions tutorial:
    where can i find the F0 19? Where is the offset? Sorry im kinda confused on that part -.-

    I changed the ini but the alignment is kinda messed up now.. is that really how it goes and ill have to edit every last pokemon or am i doing it wrong?
    So I'll just change that 0E to 30? Got it! Thanks man..
    Oh and another mini question.. I saw your asm about telling the time in criminon's tutorial and was wondering if that was compatible with JPAN's engine?
    Hi I have another question: When I searched 0x42FAA in hex i didnt see F0 19 in the offset instead I found 0E 28.. Should I still change it to B0 00? I'm using MrDS' rombase btw..
    Hey man I was wondering if your evolution methods like day time induced item hold need prime-dialga's DNS System or Jambo's Day/Night?
    I didn't know I could not cancel a stone evolution. If we could make it impossible to cancel Slowpoke's evolution, that would be perfect.
    Are you sure you don't know how that works?
    Ok, I understand now the special routine thing.

    So basically, what you are saying is that there's no way to cancel with the B button all this custom evolutions you guys did?
    Or you are saying the evolution screen only loads if the routine is true? That way, canceling the evolution via the B button is standart (default, whatever) and there's no need to implement it. Is that it?
    Almost everything is pretty much clear, now. I did saw your link, but got nothing out of it.
    Looking now, I find some important stuff. Still kinda lost with the special routines. You will understand.
    Let's see if I get it.
    Check this:
    No problem, I stay on all the time.
    Here goes then:
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