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  • yeah but my plan has that being at least 3 years out so I may just have to limit how much I buy in.
    I need a few display cases and am already well on my way to needing a much bigger space for everything ha.

    Below is what my collection room looked like on April 30th:


    All 4 shelves along the wall in that second pic have manga volumes on them behind/underneath the figure boxes.
    it has

    I am probably way deeper into figure collecting now than the last time you were around, so I'm deeper down that rabbit hole.
    Hello Kenchi, just to let you know the anime club has started it's selection process for the first set of watchalongs. Feel free to add a suggestion and of course as the first member signed up you get to pick one outright.
    I read the first chapter or so of the manga and got really hyped. I enjoyed some episodes though like the princess? episode.
    I talked to you about Ikuhara before right? If so what were your thoughts on Yuri Bears?.
    I haven't read much manga. I'm reading Scum's Wish and My Wife Is Wagatsuma-San right now.
    I really don't like action/adventure.
    Things like Dragon ball Z, Attack On Titan etc.
    Lol yeah. I love teenage romance. I don't really care about any of the other genres.
    But I also like thrillers and horrors.
    Haha yeah.
    I got the ending of Toradora! ruined for me when I looked up "Toradora" on google images XD
    It is Kagura from Gintama. A fanart of hers depicting her appearance when she is slightly older than her "present" self.

    Though the look is actually canon. The show has already had a movie where this future Kagura appears as a character:
    Countering chains like that are a thing in Magic if that's something you like in a TCG. Rule changes aren't really a thing in Magic, though. They only really implement new game mechanics after substantial internal R&D.

    Counter chains are not a thing in Pokemon because that's kind of not how Pokemon works in the games. Well, that and the counter chains would fly above a younger player's head. Rule changes do happen in Pokemon, but usually only because something is broken as hell as a mechanic and is being abused in competitive play and making competitive play less accessible to new players.
    Not that I can see the video anyway but plis embed the video you posted in the Covers/Remixes thread, plis? ;___;
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