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  • We're all old now =p

    London, neat. And good to hear you still have a job! I was hoping to visit the UK last year for the first time, but then... pandemic -_-

    I'm in Aus rn (quarantine as I just arrived, then moving interstate for new job next month). I was in South Africa (Cape Town) the previous 3 years.
    So when we would've been talking... I think I would have been Nick Wilde? Otherwise I was around before on some ancient account that I can't even rememberf or barely even used tbh

    What a blast from the past though oh my god! What's brought you back to these parts?
    Yes House I remember you but I can't post on your profile anymore :( Hope life is treating you well!~
    Hi, Kura! Been a long time, not sure if you remember me.
    Just wanted to congratulate you on your life achievements! I'm really happy for you!
    Take care.
    well since 2013 alot! graduated college, moved out, got a job... basically all the adult stuff haha.
    how are you?
    NOT MUCH!! just working, and spending some spare time on PC.

    I'm old too lmao. How've you been? What's new in your life?!
    Oh, yes, Víctor. Last time I checked, his PC name was Ivysaur. (I'm kind of laughing out loud here)
    I'm mostly on Discord but Whatsapp works as usual.

    Well you know, I told you about that friend I was seeing around, which there are not-too-great news but hey, not entirely bad. And I'm welcoming a few people next month to do one of my world famous tour guides (Kaori and Omicron from here, geat people!). Then there's stuff I'd rather chat in secret lol :o

    Otherwise, doing well at work, still going with my phD and hoping that your MP becomes leader of the Labour Party soon as I expected back when we last talked. I wish I had the time and focus to learn more languages too, man, that's one of the things I'd love to do. Then again, I have one year to catch up with you...
    Also I've added you on Discord because that's my primary chat server and didn't have you uggh
    Yeah we should arrange a proper chat sometime! There aren't any major events going on but there's sure a lot of small things and assorted gossip to go around
    Hay hey hey!!! I was thinking about you recently lol Apparently some PCers are talking about doing a meet-up in Scotland this summer and if I end up going (which I'd love to) I was considering dropping by London afterwards to say hello :o

    What's up?
    Hey! - if you still remember me- I recently followed you on Instagram and I noticed you're into k-pop! Yaay :3 what's your favorite group/s?
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