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  • Hey, I'm doing great, thanks. I hope you are too. Sorry for the delayed response, I wasn't expecting anybody to remember me on here, haha.
    Yeah. Ironing out a story is a definite first step and I really need to sit down and start building a word document with everything :x

    It's been really nice. Had a pretty good semester and it's nice to have some time to kick back and not have a million things going on at once. I'm getting to the point that I'm burned out of school so it's nice to be out of that atmosphere if only for a few months.
    I am finishing up a diploma in computer science, and I'm just on summer break, the course is going to be done in September.

    Oooh, sounds like tons of fun! I'm wanting to start a game dev project myself but with two jobs that's not going to happen right away :x
    Kura! Man has it been ages, I joined this forum when I was a freshman in High School and now I got my Masters and working in DC. How have you been?
    I did pick up Mario+Rabbids, yeah tactics are not my strong suit haha. Sadly I got it digital, but I've never sold a game before so.
    Hope so, she's starting to be on less medicine and seems to be feeling better. Still got work to do.

    Oooo, looks big. Not my type of game though, sorry. :p I bet, best of luck!

    Not primarely. No plans besides more focus on my mom and buying board games which I've gotten kinda addicted too. (roughly $230 in the last 12 months, was tempted to spend another $120 this month alone).
    Lifes been a bit ok. Its understandable, I also haven't been on in a while, only started poking in now and then, only a bit more active now (on the discord mostly). I keep the tab open, so its hard to fully forget lol.

    Guess last time we talked I just got back from Chicago, my dog had died, I flew to San Fransico the next year for the same company, delays were a mess lol. Flew to Hawaii later in 2016 as a family trip with my grandparents/bio dads family, it was ok, overwhelming (not really a fan of that sideit). 2017 was a bit empty, no traveling, partly because of my moms anuerysm so keeping close to her for help, still in recovery after 8 months, can probably come home early-mid this year.

    Whats new with you?
    it'll be an exciting year aye. tons changed in 2017 on all fronts, and it's all stuff which means that there are gonna be loads of directions i can go in and loads of possibilities in 2018. everything feels a little messy and unstructured right now, but in that there's tons that i'll be able to do. happy days!
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