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  • hello lance, if you are still taking requests on type patches
    I just placed a requests, then realized its been months since something was posted there, hence this message in hopes of ^^
    I've done that, but it turns that kind of mess up the game a bit, and adding some others, might cause even more troubles, a god programmer seems to be required. So I quit about that and just add a few. Thanks anyway tho!
    Hi lance, I saw your post about snow warning, I just want to ask how id you do it to add that ability. I mean, I know I have to insert the asm routine, but then what I got to do to make that ability appear in a pokemon?
    You're going to need to find the place that handles fainting in general or fainting due to an opponents attack if you want to make it accurate, and I'm not sure if those cases are handled by battle script.
    I can't really say what's going wrong because you haven't told me what happens (I don't know which messages are printed, if any) when your script is run, but I don't think you should be implementing this as a battle script at all. abilityswap is built specifically for skill swap which does other checks (like attack effectivity) before swapping abilities. It seems that this would be better implemented as ASM.
    The hooks and animation code will all be the same btw, you just need to edit some of the code to use the correct species/attack and it'll be fine. Of course the battle scripts as well but you should have that covered.
    Well right now Relic Song does damage and inflicts a status condition and transforms the user, so it really depends on what effect besides the transformation you want. I'm on mobile right now so I can't check the battle scripts right now, but once you decide what other effects you want, I'll keep helping. Just gotta get to campus and then I'll be free.
    Ok that's a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be at first lol.
    Does Majestic Force do damage? What do you mean nothing will change? As in there's a chance that Forturein won't transform?
    you're going to have to be a bit more specific here. We'll call the pokemon Object and the move Move. Can Move be any attack or something specific?
    I didn't use it specifically, but it does have the correct locations to make changes. What do you mean it only lets you have 92? What exactly happens beyond the 92?
    hi again!
    this time about your post in ability resource

    ok so one thing, it sounds quite stupid, but is snow warning in ability slot 0 or 1? try switching slots really quickly
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