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  • Thanks for your kind words :) . I will show some art i do when i feel ready because i need practising and take my time.

    I not denie than i have a good talent for drawing but it needs more polishment
    Hi, I just realized I've never sent you a visitor message... so I figured I should do that!
    Newbie here! i'm here just to relax and just take my time.

    I was playing Mother 3, and it's incredibly emmotional for me. Plus, i was considered made a marathon of GBA Games because i play more in that console.

    Additionally, i should draws i did to the art studio so everyone see it.
    I saw that you've been busy when I was catching up in the art section xD
    I saw the Xurkitree, Iron Moth and Incineroar... and a hattrem clay figure or whatever it was. Never tried something like that myself. Looked pretty good.

    Been slacking off with my own drawings for a while now.
    I'm mainly just busy with other stuff and real life but I still consider it slacking xD
    Oh I see! You think I would've realized that with their @ on the side haha. Thanks for letting me know there was an art swap, gonna check it out now
    Nice, I see it! I like the colors you used, very calming and cool. I was gifted supporter as well, someone out there is very nice to us!
    I've still yet to get an adult Regal. Wasn't until last year I think that I stumbled across my first later instar Hickory Horned Devil. Very impressive caterpillars.

    They're not my favorite subjects, but spiders can be neat too! Found a Slender Ant-Mimic Jumping Spider just yesterday. My favorite local spider is probably the Emerald Jumper, though Yellow Garden Spiders are also always cool to see.
    It is! Moth-watching is one of my biggest hobbies and the rosy maple is my fave. Reminds me of Shiny Dunsparce, one of my favorite Pokémon (tied with Wartortle).
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