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  • First, use BSP if you aren't already, it's way easier to learn than the old way of mucking with strings of hex.
    The accuracy check's pointer (x1D695E) is where to branch if the move misses- this sort of thing should be visible in most battle scripts in Emerald.
    0x2023DCC is a RAM address indicating the outcome of an attack. Won't be the easiest thing ever to find in Emerald since it's usually used by assembly rather than battle scripts, but you could try using a debugger, putting a break on it in FR, and searching for code in Emerald similar to spots where it goes on in FR.
    x1D6947 is somewhere in the middle of the basic battle script (used by moves like Tackle). It should be trivial to find it in Em if you know where the battle script table is.
    0x2023FDF is important for the statchange animation for some reason. Look at the scripts for Cosmic Power, Dragon Dance, Bulk Up, etc. and you should see it in use.
    0x2023FDE encodes what stat to change and by how much. It's also borrowed from the multi-stat changing moves.
    0x83FE57C is a table of message codes. Go to that offset, copy some bytes, and search for them in Emerald and you might find them- or you could try the same approach as the last two and it should work.
    Yung_link and I are battling atm. Once I'm done with him, I'll take you on afterwards.

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