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  • Alright I see, hope you feel like doing it sometime soon! I'll be working on my own ones anyway, as I really wanna add them in my game.

    Keep up your great spriting work over here!
    I admire you. Love all of your sprites. Always shoutout you at SGS Facebook webpage, hope you don't mind...

    Btw, have you ever considered to do Trainer Sprites like gym leaders/E4? How about all remaining eeveelution sprites? I saw this really cool pic of them... [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/7Nnx8pR.jpg)
    I have compiled and updated all the sprites of this project (only the ones that you have created) and only the following ones are missing:

    Perfect Zygarde
    Wishiwashi (School Form)
    Tapu Koko
    Tapu Lele
    Tapu Bulu
    Tapu Fini
    Necrozma Regular
    Alola Ninetales
    Alola Graveler

    And whatever you update ...

    I admire the work and the effort that you do, without despising the work of the others but personally I choose yours ... I would like to be a great spriter like you but I still have a lot to learn :D
    Thought so...
    Hope you someday you make these, they look dope and I really wanna add them... I'll take me so much time to make it by myself, and it won't be as cool as yours... But I'll do it anyway if I don't find anything else more decent...

    YRW! Yeah, there must be a way to not spend so much spots and mix it up all in one somehow...

    I got recently another question tho, have you ever done any fake eeveelution sprite just like the ones you did here (front back and shiny)? I mean kinda these but with the hack format (64x256 each):


    I've reviewed your Deviantart profile, but didn't found any...
    Hi Le_paragon!
    First of all, thanks so much for your amazing sprites! You're more than awesome! Truly impressed, like a serious gift talented god doing sprites!

    Alright, -enough with the suck up and get to the point-, I was wondering, since you took the time to make furfrou's forms, and a bunch more, is it any possible way you know to add them all those varieties in a rom? Because, mine is with 900 spots, and more than 850 full just with the gen 1-7 no extra forms, and some spots out of those are quite bugged... And I believe that more than 1000 ain't that possible... is it?

    Another question is that since gen 7 is almost done by yourself, are you having any thoughts into improve some of gen 6? Because a lot of those don't have your touch tbh...

    Hope your doing great!
    It looks perfect, thank you! Can you post it in gen VI sprites resources? Or I post it, and give credit to you...
    Hey le_paragon, sure! If you are too busy, just do the back sprites, no need to do the front... so i send you a message friday :)
    So give me info when you make it... Especialy I want quicker God forme of Rejishan since i want release it's theme on YT. And I need sprite for that.
    Yes. I used some parts of Dawn Wing Necrozma to make it.
    I used Salazzle as bodybase... Becouse it idealy fit for Type of body for Rejishan... I will use it as placeholder for my sprites since i know that i need wait for you're sprites a bit longer. Also i make Concept art for Fusion of Necrozma and Rejishan. Rejishan after fusion with Necrozma went to be Dark Type Pokemon.
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