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  • Hi, there, we haven't spoken in a while:)
    I saw your username on someone's profile, and I remembered speaking to you, so I went to our previous conversation.. And saw the mini tutorial you wrote for me about looping midis:D. I think I actually get it! I want to experiment first. I have an idea, though- you know how the original songs in the Rom have multiple tracks? And if you export the song, multiple .S files appear? If I made a song myself (as I can do with FL studio, or another music making program), and saved each part of the song as a separate midi file, it'd be less complicated to loop, right (I mean... I'd still have to go through the process below on each midi/.S file, I know that)? And also, I have a feeling it'd be more accurate than using just one .S file, would it? Sorry to bug you bout it:P
    Well the first thing that I would recommend checking out is HackMew's Knowledge. His introduction to ASM lesson was very helpful. One thing you should know, though, is that you should read every single word carefully. If you skim over certain parts, you'll end up extremely confused. The key to learning ASM (or anything, for that matter) is laying down a solid understanding of the basic concepts first. So make sure to read everything and as you're reading, if you don't understand something, read it again.
    Next, I would read over JPAN's ASM tutorial/document. HackMew's tutorial is nice and all but JPAN actually delves into a lot of the commonly used opcodes and explains a lot of concepts which you will need to do anything beyond simply moving data around.
    After that, I guess you could return to HackMew's Knowledge and read his second ASM tutorial (it's on one of the later pages). I don't think I picked up a lot of new ASM coding information there but I learned a few techniques for hacking in general which will help if you plan on using ASM to change preexisting code (as opposed to simply adding your own code to free space).
    Then you'd pretty much be where I am^^ I'm definitely still a beginner so I probably won't be able to teach you much but hopefully those documents can get you on the right track. Oh and as a general resource, you might want to bookmark this page. It has everything you need to know about programming for the GBA and then some. It might be useful if you plan on trying something a little more complex.

    P.S. As much as I enjoy being called cool, my name is "colcolstyles" ^^
    As I am a programmer, it was easy to learn.

    I've converted OWs routines, but not converted the rest because I'm studying for 3 tests, one for university.
    He told me about that a long time ago, way before the tutorial was posted... Uhm, on my hack, I think I'll give the musics a pause while work on the other stuff so I could release a beta or something.
    I've read you and Andrea's posts... Seems like you've got a lot to do. Well, I'm sorta back now, the things I've hacked on the Ruby engine are mostly stuff that I'd like eg. a clothes system, Trainer Card hack, and loads more - like the Fire Red textboxes ^^
    Yeah, I have big plans for my version logo. I'm going to try to have it with small pictures of trees dotted along the outline, and make it all green and natural looking. (just have to be careful to make it stand out from the background).
    You make a valid point about the Celebi, it's the second time I've heard about it, so I guess I should do something. Yes, I was going for the FRLG Style colouring. But you're right, it's a bit too.. Huge for the screen. I guess I'll try to shrink it down a bit. I'm thinking of changing the colour of the Pokemon logo, too, to blue and white or something similarly sky-like.
    Thanks for the crit, and advice. I'll check that tutorial. (for some reason, I really want to hack Ruby or Emerald recently. I don't know why, lol). Do you know, is scripting for Ruby much different from Fire Red? I wouldn't expect it to be but I have a feeling that it is, y'know?
    Whoa! Nice, dude! I bet that took alot of effort. You're actually pretty talented, if you haven't heard before.
    Here's my best attempt at a custom title screen, thus far.
    It's rather plain- the background I'd planned to use had much more trees in it, but was about 3 times the size of my eventual tileset used to make the tilemap. I'm couldn't get the flashing "press start" to work either. I know how to do it, but the whole word didn't flash- the blue, bottom piece remained while the upper colours of the text flashed.
    I really like your titlescreen, though! That Press Start/Gamefreak text has a really nice colour change, it looks better than plain silver/grey. I now want to help you, so whenever/if ever you need sprites, give me a shout!
    Shot in the dark here, but did you change the colour of the Pokemon Logo to be able to use it's pallette for the background, too?
    Whoa, that's long. Sorry, if I'd have known that I wouldn't have bothered you with it. Thank you, though, for taking the time to write all that. It seems complicated, but I guess that's just because it's so long. I'll get it eventually, I suppose:D. So, how are you?
    I just convert the routine OverWorlds for Ruby, you'll only want it, want also other routines?
    Not yet. :D
    I'll try today or tomorrow.
    Is that I have a test in December, and I am studying for it. :/
    No, you cannot just take the ASM code from Ruby and put it into FR somehow. Addresses are different, etc. In fact I rewrote the stuff myself. Maybe I will make some tutorial and/or tool someday.
    Yes, in theory it's possible to check the day of the week in R/S/E. However, when emulating the ROMs, older VBA versions will not handle them properly and the week day would be always set to 0 (=Sunday). And yes, there's a way to implement RTC support in FR/LG. I did it for Oro Sole, my hack.
    Hey, could I ask you something?
    Those 55 tracks you have, surely you've looped them them (duh). Could you tell me how you loop the midi's? I can make pretty good tracks with FL Studio and Anvil (studio? I forget), but I haven't really found a way to loop them yet. There's supposed to be a thread on it here, but the only one is a mis-linked one (meaning, in Magnius' music tutorial, he links to a "Music Looping Tutorial", but it's actually the same link to another, different tutorial). So could you share your method of looping, please?:D
    Lol, later'd be better for me, anyways, I'm pretty busy myself at the mo. I'm in my senior year of secondary school, so I've christmas tests all this week and next week, at State Examinations next June. It sucks:(.
    Yeah, it's a pity Ruby Sapphire and Emerald only use one image for the background. It makes editing it very.. Well, it's been said, limited. It's pretty good, what you've done so far, although there are some things to take into consideration. For example, the Logo. It's cool that you changed it from Black and White to Black and Red, but it looks a bit odd due to it's positioning. Try to keep it proportional, it looks alot better. (i may not be phrasing it right, but I mean to say you should have "Nitrogen" directly underneath "Liquid"). It'd look pretty cool that way, the font is a nice change to the official kind.
    Anyways, onto the rest.. The background is.. Petty good, considering you were limited to Metagross' palette. I think that's fine. The thunder is cool too. Perhaps have it so Metagross is in the centre, and there are two lightning bolts coming down either side of Metagross? If that's possible, it'd give the Titlescreen an overall symmetrical look, which is normally a no-no in spriting, but in this case it'd work. But it's pretty good, altogether.:D
    Yes, I adapt well to AXVE, actually just change the offsets, but I can do that. ^^
    Now about Hacked Fire Red, I can try to do something like ruby.
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