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  • Hey, so I'm writing a book on Wattpad.com called Pokémon: Modern and Native introducing a region based on the Western US called Terko. Right now the book itself is in its infancy, but I have done a lot of planning for the region as a whole. But I am bad at coming up with original pokémon. May I please use your Baablaze, Phlogoat, and Satyrsire pokémon for my region's fire starters? I promise I will give you credit if you'd like. Sincerely, AJ Stanton.
    I think you have said soon in the post , So I was just asking for some prediction ( which is in very near future ) as you have said that are only few tweaks and ironing of dynamax graphics left . So i was just asking you know as I am teenage and I was waiting for the release from a long and after seeing your post in the zud thread and that demo video I become superexcited :) . So i just asked becaused of excitement which is kind of uncontrolable 😂 lol ! . So don't mind
    Hlw sir , today i have a request and an offer for you , you can join me in my rpg xp game project .We can easily complete this project in partnership with the help of your scripts and i will manage the graphic and storyline.We can include the follwing mechanics ----

    ~Mega Evolution ( Including Greyninja )
    ~Z moves
    ~ Zodaic Signs
    ~ Ultra Burst
    ~ Dynamax
    ~ Gigantamx
    ~Max raid Battles
    ~Your other useful and great scripts
    ~Pokeride Function with Lava surfing by Torkoal and Running with the help of Flygon
    ~All HMs , TMs.
    ~ Gen1 to Gen8
    Pokemon , Abilities , Moves , Shiny Forms , Alola Forms , Ultra Beasts , Totem Pokemon , Galar Forms Delta Pokemon , Shadow Pokemon , Other Alternate Forms , etc.
    ~ All regions of pokemon Anime (8+)
    ~ About 65+ gym battles
    ~ All Island Trials
    ~ Pokemon League divided in two parts
    ( I will give detail information about this by another mail when you will agree )
    ~ Almost everything and a best postgame content .

    And if you want you can become the Main Author of this game all you have to do is to provide scripts . I hope you will help and if you want something more you can mail me at ----
    [email protected] OR
    [email protected]
    Thank you please reply me . And please give me your email id here .
    I know sir that i am behaving as a very selfish because the great peoples like you ,fauno, etc work for many days to help people to plug and play but as you know i am very beginner so please help me .Thankyou very very much you are just great and now i can not express how happy i am thanks to you from a pokefan . I hope you will do it very soon. And thanks again for giving ne your such important time. Sir now as we can see that many peoples are demanding zmoves compatible with all battle mechanics (I know i am not capable to talk on anyones behalf) so its my humble request to fulfill my poor request
    Ok but I am using your dyanmax script but my sprites are not enlarging (I am using bw static sprites). I set enlarging = true in scripts
    Hello i have tested your dynamax script and it is awesome ;) are you planing on doing a Z-Move Script without having to replace the scripts.rxdata ?
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